Feb 27, 2023

A Significant Transition for Renewing Your Mind

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Today marks the beginning of a significant transition for Ligonier’s flagship podcast and radio program, Renewing Your Mind.

Started in 1994 by our founder, Dr. R.C. Sproul, Renewing Your Mind has become a daily part of the lives of growing Christians around the world as they seek to understand a range of biblical and theological issues in a manner that is faithful to the historic Christian faith. And for almost a decade, Lee Webb has been the friendly and familiar host, welcoming listeners and encouraging them to join in this daily study. However, today Lee is officially announcing his retirement.

Today’s episode is a personal conversation with Lee. He thinks back on his time hosting Renewing Your Mind, shares favorite memories from his friendship with Dr. Sproul, and explains how the teaching of Ligonier Ministries has shaped his thinking and touched his life. I hope you’ll listen.

1200x675 RYM Lee Webb Departure

We are grateful for Lee joining with us in 2013, transitioning from a long career in television journalism and lending his prodigious broadcasting talents to steer the ship for our daily broadcast. Ligonier releases an episode every day of the year, requiring many hours in the studio, and Lee has faithfully built a rapport with our listening audience. We are sad to see him go, but we’re thankful that he will continue to be with us at various ministry events, and we’re thrilled for him and Donna that they can commit themselves fully into loving and caring for their ever-increasing number of delightful grandchildren.

In God’s gracious timing, we see that the obvious path for a new host has already been provided. Nathan W. Bingham will assume daily hosting duties for Renewing Your Mind beginning this Wednesday, March 1. Nathan is a familiar voice for many who follow Ligonier’s outreach. As vice president of ministry engagement, his experience in leading our communications and audience growth efforts uniquely equip him to guide listeners as they tune in or stream the broadcast. Many of our listeners have already heard Nathan as a guest on Renewing Your Mind, and he has also been an integral part of many of our conferences and online events. He is the host of our livestreamed Ask Ligonier events and the Ask Ligonier podcast.

Nathan, his wife Tania, and his then-three children emigrated from their homeland of Australia in 2012 to join the staff at Ligonier. He has a degree in theology from the Presbyterian Theological College in Melbourne. Now a family with four children, the Binghams happily became naturalized U.S. citizens in 2021.

We thank God for the many years of fruitful outreach through Renewing Your Mind. And we are looking forward to this new season. I believe Nathan is well-positioned with the Ligonier audience to take up the role of host.

Thank you for listening, and thank you for your care and concern for the ongoing ministry of Ligonier. We pray many lives yet will be changed through the trustworthy preaching and teaching of God’s Word on Renewing Your Mind. For a convenient way to listen, you can sign up to receive each day’s episode in your email inbox or subscribe to Renewing Your Mind in your favorite podcast app.