Mar 11, 2024

A New Teaching Series from Sinclair Ferguson

2 Min Read

Many Christians today feel like outcasts in a hostile world. How can we navigate life in a society that seems increasingly opposed to our faith? In the first century, the Apostle Peter wrote a letter to believers who faced a similar situation, revealing to them—and to us—how the gospel strengthens God’s people in times of adversity.

In his new teaching series, Dr. Sinclair Ferguson presents the encouraging message of 1 Peter. The promise of our glorious future with Christ sheds light on our present trials, empowering us to live faithfully as pilgrims heading toward our heavenly home. Order your copy of Sojourners and Exiles today.

Want to start your study immediately? Watch the first message for free. As Dr. Ferguson introduces us to the original readers of 1 Peter, we discover that they share a lot in common with Christians today. For God’s people living in the pagan Roman Empire and in the post-Christian West alike, the gospel of Jesus Christ is our unchanging hope and our message to the world.

A Teaching Series for You

Peter’s first letter is a blessing to every believer. This teaching series can benefit pastors, church leaders, students, and laypeople of all ages who seek to stand firm in the grace of God when faced with trials in the Christian life. Order your copy today.

Many Formats Available

When you order this teaching series as a digital download or on DVD, we’ll add all twelve messages to your Learning Library so you can stream them anytime on our website or in the Ligonier app. A companion study guide is also available in paperback and digital formats to expand your learning with lesson objectives, Scripture readings, lesson outlines, and questions for personal reflection or group discussion. Additionally, you can further your study online by taking the Ligonier Connect course.