May 16, 2012

Feed My Sheep — 99¢ eBook Sale

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Our publishing imprint, Reformation Trust Publishing, was founded in 2006 and seeks to proclaim and explain the great truths of the historic Christian faith for a new generation. For a limited time, we'll be making select titles even more accessible as we lower their eBook price to 99¢.

We begin this month offering you Feed My Sheep: A Passion Plea for Preaching, a book Ligon Duncan commends to ministers, seminary students, and church members alike.

"There are a lot of books on preaching today, but not many good ones—this one is good. The subjects covered (and the accents of the authors as well) commend this volume to the minister and seminary student—and, indeed, to the church member who wants to learn what a real preaching ministry looks like, and who wants that for his church and from his pastor. It is spiritually challenging and topically pertinent."
—J. Ligon Duncan III
Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church
Jackson, Miss.

In Feed My Sheep: A Passionate Plea for Preaching, an outstanding team of pastors, including Sinclair Ferguson, John MacArthur, Albert Mohler, John Piper, and R.C. Sproul say to the modern church: "Turn back!" Preaching is not just one of many acceptable methodologies that the church may employ as the cultural landscape changes. Rather, the preaching of God's Word is the biblically mandated method by which unbelievers are to be converted and churches built up in the faith.

Feed My Sheep is currently on sale for 99¢ as both an ePub from the Ligonier store or from Amazon's Kindle Store.

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