Dec 5, 2012

5 Reasons I'm Excited to Teach at Reformation Bible College

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The College. From my very first visit to the college I have been impressed with the vision and character of Reformation Bible College (RBC). I am very much looking forward to teaching in an environment where solid, biblical teaching is valued by both the faculty and the students. The school is not embarrassed to stand wholeheartedly with classic Protestant and Reformed teaching, which makes it quite unique in the world of bible colleges. For undergraduates there really is nothing like this out there—up to four years of intensive biblical, theological and philosophical study in the Reformed tradition.

The Students. Not to swell the size of their heads too much, but I am also very excited by the prospect of teaching the kinds of students that have been coming to RBC in its first two years. During my interview and a subsequent visit I had numerous conversations with students and was struck by how seriously they take studying the Bible from a robustly Reformed perspective, and how they were also eager for their study of theology to bring about spiritual transformation in their own lives. The chance to teach students who are passionate about God's word excites me greatly.

The Faculty. I have not even begun teaching at the college and yet can already see that the other professors at RBC are as excited as I am about teaching from the perspective of the classic confessions of Protestantism. This is not to say that there is absolute uniformity with regard to issues that fall outside the bounds of the Reformed confessions, but there is a joyful commitment to classic Reformed theology. This is a breath of fresh air in the theological atmosphere of our day, where classic confessions of faith are, more often than not, seen as a hindrance to vibrant piety and faithful Christian witness in the world. It is one thing merely to be willing to teach from within the confines of the Protestant confessions; it is another thing entirely to do so wholeheartedly, being convinced that these confessions faithfully convey the most essential teachings of the Bible.

The Curriculum. For a New Testament professor, the curriculum at RBC is a dream come true. I will be able to teach an entire class on Romans, one on Pauline theology, and one on New Testament biblical theology, just to mention three. I am very much looking forward to being able to prepare and develop these courses, and many others, over the years. It is a great privilege to be able to teach the courses I will be teaching at RBC.

The Location. Although, I prefer cold weather and snow, my wife loves warm weather and sunshine, so it will definitely be a nice change for her from the snow and cold of Southern Ontario. The campus of RBC is quite beautiful and will only add to the enjoyment of teaching with great students and colleagues. I also love thunderstorms, and have already seen some amazing ones in my two trips to the college. I suppose I could also get used to the beaches.

Dr. Ben C. Dunson is the new director of admissions and professor of New Testament at Reformation Bible College.