May 18, 2023

2023 London Conference: Pilgrims and Exiles

2 Min Read

Christians are a unique kind of people, for our citizenship is in heaven and not on earth. As a community of pilgrims and exiles, we’re surrounded by reminders that we’re not yet home. Our commitment to God’s Word requires us to think differently from the world and calls us to a distinct way of life. Yet while everything around us is fading away, we have an inheritance in Christ that will last forever.

Join us on September 8–9, 2023, for Pilgrims and Exiles, our conference in London. Turning to the book of 1 Peter, we’ll consider what it means for Christians to live as sojourners in this world and ambassadors for the world to come. This conference will be held at Westminster Chapel. Register today.


  • Elect Exiles by Ken Mbugua
  • The Salvation of Exiles Prophesied by Mark Johnston
  • Our Living Hope in Exile by Burk Parsons
  • Holy Living in Exile by Michael Reeves
  • Foreknown for the Sake of Exiles by W. Robert Godfrey
  • The Word of God for Exiles by Steven Lawson
  • Honorable Conduct in Exile by Sinclair Ferguson
  • Panel Discussion and Q&A Session

You can also join us for our optional pre-conference event hosted with Union School of Theology, Pastoring God’s Flock. This event is designed to help pastors understand essential elements of their calling to be a faithful shepherd, minister to God’s people, and preach the Word of God.

  • Preach the Word by Steven Lawson
  • The Ministry of Prayer by Michael Reeves
  • Contend for the Faith by Sinclair Ferguson
  • Ordinary Means Ministry by Burk Parsons
  • Q&A Session

Register today for Ligonier’s 2023 London Conference, held at Westminster Chapel.