Sep 19, 2022

2022 Results Now Available: The State of Theology

1 Min Read

What do Americans believe about God, the Bible, and salvation? Ligonier Ministries’ State of Theology survey provides eye-opening insights.

Every two years, we take the theological temperature of the United States to find out what people on the street and in congregations really believe. Understanding the worldviews and beliefs of Americans can equip the church with insights for discipleship. Explore the survey data for yourself.

This year’s results reveal widespread confusion about the Bible and the relevance that it bears for our identity and our everyday lives. This confusion, present both inside and outside the church, cries out for clear and faithful teaching in Christian evangelism and discipleship. The need is great, but the power and promises of God can equip the church to bring truth and light to a dark world.

How would you answer these survey questions? What do your neighbors and family members believe? You can take the State of Theology survey yourself or create a private group survey for your friends or members of your church. We encourage you to use the State of Theology survey to help you facilitate discussion and better understand the beliefs of people in your community.