• The Fittingness of Christ’s Work Devotional

    Hebrews 2:10-13

    Because God has decreed that death is the punishment for sin (Gen. 2:16–17), the only way that we could be saved was through the death of another in our place. We could not have been saved without the death of Christ, and so we should never take this essential truth of the faith lightly. Let us take care never to treat the atoning death of Jesus flippantly, and let us always remember our need of it. View Resource

  • True Rest Devotional

    Matthew 11:28

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  • The Cradle and the Cross Devotional

    Isaiah 53:5

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  • Two Kinds of Obedience Devotional

    1 Peter 2:21–25

    Jesus not only died for His people, but He lived for them as well. The perfect active obedience of Christ means that all who trust in Him have full citizenship in the kingdom of God. We do not need to be afraid that there is anything lacking in us if we have trusted in Christ alone, for His obedience covers us and guarantees our salvation. Let us therefore have full assurance of our redemption if we have believed in Jesus. View Resource

  • Jesus Provides for His Mother Devotional

    John 19:25–27

    We can find it hard to remain obedient to God’s law when things are going well, let alone when we are under pressure. Jesus, however, kept the law of God perfectly at all points in His life, and because of His obedience in all things, we have eternal life in Him. We are to thank Him for this gift of life by seeking to keep His commandments, repenting when we fall short and looking to Him as our model. View Resource

  • Jesus’ Garments Divided Devotional

    John 19:23-24

    Jesus’ loss of clothing was part of His work as the Suffering Servant-King to defeat sin and present us righteous before God. John Calvin writes, “Christ was stripped of his garments, that he might clothe us with righteousness … his naked body was exposed to the insults of men, that we may appear in glory before the judgment-seat of God.” We bow to Christ’s rule and enjoy its benefits by repenting of sin and trusting Him alone for salvation. View Resource

  • The King of the Jews Crucified Devotional

    John 19:16b–22

    The physical suffering Jesus endured on the cross was intense, but the greatest suffering He experienced was in bearing the wrath of God for our sin. His willingness to bear God’s wrath reveals His love for us, and it should give us confidence that this love is an enduring love. If such love was willing to endure God’s wrath, it will persevere even when we sin. And if we are the true recipients of the love of Christ, we will more and more repent for our transgressions. View Resource

  • The Arrest of Jesus Devotional

    John 18:1–9

    Since God’s control of the universe extends to the tiniest detail (Prov. 16:33), it is no surprise that Jesus was in full control of the events of His crucifixion. After all, He is God incarnate (John 1:1–18). Because of this sovereignty, we can be confident that He will not allow His people to fall away. We are secure in the hands of the One who was sovereign even over His own death. View Resource

  • Christ the Judge Devotional

    John 12:47–50

    We will die either in a state of condemnation or in a state of salvation. Jesus is the dividing line between these two states, for only if we trust in Him alone for salvation will we be saved. It is therefore urgent that we believe in Jesus and exhort others to do the same. Who can you share the good news of the gospel with today? View Resource

  • Hearing a Voice from Heaven Devotional

    John 12:27–30

    Although God had made it clear through the ministry of Jesus that something new was happening, He spoke again from heaven in order that no one would miss His point. That is the kind of God we serve, One who is willing to go above and beyond in making Himself clear to us. We should thank our Creator this day for being willing to speak to us, and we should resolve to study the Word diligently that we might receive what He has spoken. View Resource

  • Misunderstanding Jesus Devotional

    John 12:16–19

    It is possible for us to misunderstand Jesus as the disciples did. This is not due to any fault of Jesus but is a problem created by our own sin, ignorance, or lack of faith. By God’s grace, we can overcome these hurdles by diligently studying the Word of God and by being quick to repent of our unbelief and other sins. View Resource

  • Safe in the Hand of God Devotional

    John 10:22–29

    John Calvin comments, “The salvation of all the elect is not less certain than the power of God is invincible.” To believe that those who have truly trusted in Christ alone for salvation can be finally lost is to imply that the Lord is not strong enough to hold onto us, which calls His omnipotence into question. If we truly believe that God is all-powerful, we will believe that no one who actually rests in Christ will ever be lost. View Resource

  • The Shepherd’s Charge from His Father Devotional

    John 10:17–21

    Given that Jesus willingly came to die for us, we have no other recourse than to come to Him by faith alone, trusting in Him daily and seeking to keep His commandments out of gratitude for His salvation. We must continually look to Him in faith, for He is our shepherd who guides us where we should go. “Let us keep our eyes on the Good Shepherd, who laid down His life for us, for we are sheep of His pasture” (R.C. Sproul, John). View Resource

  • The Shepherd Who Knows His Sheep Devotional

    John 10:11–16

    John Calvin comments on John 10:16, “We are already God’s sheep, before we are aware that He is our shepherd.” Christ’s sheep, in the first instance, do not choose Him but He chooses them. The love that Jesus has for us is so great that He loved us in eternity past. He loved us even before we knew Him and even before we existed. If you are in Christ and tempted to doubt His love for you, remember that He has loved you from eternity. View Resource

  • The Door of the Sheepfold Devotional

    John 10:1–10

    John Calvin comments, “No plague is more destructive to the Church, than when wolves ravage under the garb of shepherds.” Today false shepherds continue to try and lead God’s people astray. They will not be finally successful with respect to the elect of God, but they can still cause much spiritual damage. That is why all of us must be alert and watch out for false teaching and false teachers who may try to infiltrate our churches. View Resource