• Total Moral Inability Devotional

    Ephesians 2:1–10

    The doctrine of total depravity and what it entails—total moral inability—magnify the grace and power of God. God is so gracious that He saves people who in their natural state are unwilling to come to Him, and He is so powerful that He never fails to redeem those whom He wants to redeem. Knowing the depth of our sin should move us to worship our Lord fervently for His goodness and grace. View Resource

  • Utter Depravity Devotional

    Luke 11:11–13

    We have fallen far from our original state, but we do not exist in a state of utter depravity. We are still capable of recognizing what is good, though our moral sense is flawed apart from grace. God restrains us so that we do not destroy one another. We should be grateful for this restraining grace. We should also recognize that we can work with unbelievers on some matters of common civic concern because they are not utterly depraved. View Resource

  • The Heights from Which We Have Fallen Devotional

    Genesis 1:27

    If, as the Bible tells us, man in sin has turned 180 degrees away from his original state, then we must have had an exalted original state indeed. Since, even though every part of us is tainted by sin, we still see people doing good to one another in a limited sense, just imagine what we were like before the fall. To have an appropriately high view of man as we were originally created, we must have a doctrine of the fall that takes sin seriously. View Resource

  • Being Truly Wise Devotional

    Proverbs 3:7–8

    Matthew Henry comments, “There is not a greater enemy to the power of religion, and the fear of God in the heart, than conceitedness of our own wisdom.” When we think we know better than the Lord, we have already fallen into sin, and things can only get worse from there. That we might not trust in ourselves above God, we must continually turn to His Word, confess our foolishness, and seek to learn from others who are wiser than we are. View Resource

  • Ruin, Misery, and Bloodshed Devotional

    Romans 3:15–17

    Although there is a decisive break with our past lives at conversion so that the power of sin is broken, the gospel is not something we need only at that point. As we continue to sin and shed blood through hating others, we are in continual need of forgiveness and the reminder that we still fall short of God’s glory. Repent this day over ungodly anger and hatred and confess your ongoing need for the perfect righteousness of Christ. View Resource

  • No One Is Righteous Devotional

    Romans 3:10–11

    Martin Luther comments on Romans 3:11, “This statement pertains both to those who manifestly do not seek God as well as to those who seek Him or rather think they are seeking Him, because they do not seek Him in the way in which He wishes to be sought and discovered, namely, through faith, in humility, and not through their own wisdom and presumption.” Let us not confuse the search for the Creator’s benefits with the search for the Creator. For which are you searching? View Resource

  • Approving Evil Devotional

    Romans 1:32

    Sub-biblical views of sin do not confess our deadness in our transgression. If we consider today’s passage carefully, however, we see no better evidence of our deadness in sin than that we bless what the Lord condemns and condemn what the Lord blesses. Clearly, we cannot save ourselves. God must take the initiative and change our hearts, and once converted we must study His Word deeply so that we learn to stop calling good evil and evil good. View Resource

  • A Litany of Wickedness Devotional

    Romans 1:29–31

    Human beings continually think of themselves in a more favorable light than they should. Today’s passage, however, should disabuse us of that proclivity. Even the most “minor” sin is evidence that at a fundamental level, we do not want the Lord in our thinking or affections. Unless and until we are convinced of that truth, we will not see our need for the gospel and the fact that it is only by grace alone that we can be saved. Have you been convicted of your sin and your need for Christ? View Resource