• Speaking the Truth Devotional

    Ephesians 4:25

    Matthew Henry writes, “Truth is a debt we owe to one another; and, if we love one another, we shall not deceive one another.” Christians must be known for their love of the truth and the trustworthiness of their speech. When we lie and gossip, we bear false witness to the God of truth who has transformed our hearts to love and serve Him. May we seek to tell the truth to friends, family, fellow church members, and coworkers. May we also repent when we fail to do so. View Resource

  • Stealing from God Devotional

    Malachi 3:6-12

    It is tempting to give God only the leftovers after we have spent our income on ourselves. Yet this should not be the attitude of the Lord’s people, for what we own is His, and He has said that a portion of it belongs to the work of His kingdom. As we sit down to write checks and issue payments each month, let us give to our Father first by supporting gospel ministers and helping the needy — especially those in Christ’s church the world over. View Resource

  • Stop Stealing Devotional

    Exodus 20:15

    Our primary motivation to give to the Lord’s work should not be to get something in return. Nor does God promise a specific one-to-one correlation between our tithing and the blessings He will give. Nevertheless, our Creator graciously pledges to bless us tremendously when we faithfully support His work. Let us purpose anew to fulfill our responsibility and give to those churches and institutions that are carrying out the Lord’s mission on earth. View Resource

  • Submitting to Earthly Authorities Devotional

    Romans 13:1–7

    Those who are under the authority of others are not allowed to wait for perfect leadership before they honor their supervisors, parents, church elders, and other leaders. Insofar as our leaders do not command us to do something God forbids or forbid us from doing something that God commands, we have no excuse not to obey their directives. Let us honor those in authority over us and ask for the Spirit’s help to make us eager to serve others. View Resource

  • Teaching the Law Devotional

    Nehemiah 8:1–12

    Matthew Henry comments on today’s passage that “those who tremble at the convictions of the word may triumph in the consolation of it.” We can rejoice in the Lord’s grace and forgiveness only if we first understand our need for the gospel and His pardon. Many proclaim the wonders of God’s grace and their peace with the Lord without acknowledging their sin. Such individuals have a false peace and do not truly understand their need for the Lord’s work. View Resource

  • Tell the Truth Devotional

    Exodus 20:16

    Although we tolerate slander all too often, our Lord takes it very seriously. In fact, those who slander impenitently reveal a lack of saving faith in their hearts, and God says He will destroy them (Ps. 101:5). We commonly hear slander and gossip in the church about pastors, other Christian leaders, and fellow believers. We are responsible not to initiate such things and not to repeat them when others tell these things to us. View Resource

  • The Tenth Commandment Devotional

    Deuteronomy 5:21

    Sometimes it can be hard to differentiate covetousness from legitimate desire. But there are things for which we can be on the lookout. Envy of another’s position likely indicates that one is coveting it. Obsession with a particular good to the point that it consumes one’s thoughts entirely may reveal a coveting heart. Let us ask the Lord to search our hearts and reveal to us any point at which we are breaking the tenth commandment so that we might repent. View Resource

  • The Tenth Commandment Devotional

    Exodus 20:17

    The answer to covetousness is not the absence of all desire, as in Buddhism, but rather the cultivation of contentment (1 Tim. 6:6–10). It can be a long journey on the way to discovering how to be content in every circumstance, but if we are endeavoring to be grateful to God for every blessing He has given to us, then we will be less inclined to covet that which is not ours. This day, let us be thankful to the Lord for the blessings we now possess. View Resource

  • That God’s Name May Be Honored Devotional

    1 Timothy 6:1

    The world is watching, so let us take care to live as God has told us to in order that we might please Him and not cause His name to be blasphemed among those who know us. Are we showing respect to our friends and neighbors? Are we showing honor to our employers and other leaders, even when we disagree with them? May we always submit to those whom we are called to submit in order that we might sanctify the name of the Lord. View Resource

  • The Third Commandment Devotional

    Deuteronomy 5:11

    In a culture such as ours, we easily fall into the trap of speaking of God irreverently. Even preachers can sometimes fail to give the Lord due reverence in their preaching and teaching, which is why they must take care whenever they open the Word of God to the people of God. All of us should endeavor to speak of our holy God only in a holy manner, to worship Him rightly, and to adore Him in our thoughts, words, and actions. View Resource

  • The Third Commandment Devotional

    Exodus 20:7

    We can be careless with our speech and forget that the sinful cursing of others, spreading gossip, and other such things are ways we blaspheme the name of God. That is why it is so important for us to think before we speak, asking the Spirit to help us control our tongues. We should always think twice before we speak words that might hurt another person, because doing so can sometimes be to sin against the Lord. View Resource

  • The Third Commandment Devotional

    Exodus 20:7

    The third commandment involves more than just using God’s name as if it were a swear word. It goes much deeper, to our very attitude in worship, to our worshiping sincerely and truthfully. Examine your life for the ways that you have broken this commandment. Confess them to the Lord today. He is faithful to forgive. View Resource

  • Unprofitable Idols Devotional

    Isaiah 44:9–20

    The Creator has indeed revealed His express image in the Lord Jesus Christ; therefore, may we look to Him in order to understand who God is. Do you want to understand God’s kindness? Look to Jesus. Do you want to know God’s righteous anger? Look to Jesus. Everything that God is we can see in the person of Christ Jesus, and to conceive of Him in any way beyond what He has revealed in His Word is speculative and potentially idolatrous. View Resource