• Help Me Teach the Bible: An Interview with Nancy Guthrie Article by Nancy Guthrie

    FROM TABLETALK | November 2016

    TT: What led you to begin teaching the Bible? How have your life experiences shaped your teaching ministry? NG: I am grateful to have grown up in a home in which going to church and serving the church was a given. I studied Bible in college and then began a career as a publicist in Christian publishing that lasted about twenty-five years. In that role, I worked closely with many excellent communicators of God’s Word, and I had the opportunity to observe how they handled and applied the Scriptures as well as how they operated—for good and for bad—in … View Resource

  • The Discipline of Learning Article by Donald Whitney

    FROM TABLETALK | November 2011

    The Christian life begins with learning — learning the gospel. No one is made right with a God about whom He knows nothing. No one is made right with God unless he learns about Him and His message to the world, a message of good news called the gospel. To know God, people must learn that there is a God (Heb. 11:6), that they have broken His law, and that they need to be reconciled to Him. They must learn that God’s Son, Jesus, came to accomplish that reconciliation and that He did so by means of His sinless life … View Resource

  • The Deep Things of Christ Article by Nicholas Batzig

    FROM TABLETALK | June 2011 | Hebrews 6

    Therefore let us leave the elementary doctrine of Christ and go on to maturity” (Heb. 6:1). I recently spoke with a good friend and fellow minister (who is laboring in a spiritually barren part of the country) about how things were going in ministry. In the course of our conversa-tion, he mentioned that he had been meeting with the pastor of another church in town in order to talk about theology, pastoral ministry, and preaching. My friend had mentioned his commitment to continually preach Christ so that God’s people would be established and grow in their union with Him. The … View Resource

  • The Cult of Relevance and the Management of Need Article by Os Guinness

    FROM TABLETALK | June 1992

    Irony, ironically, is a profoundly biblical theme that does not figure strongly in the thinking of most Christians. Yet no other religion rivals the Christian faith in providing such a foundation for a strong view of irony. Because human unbelief is essentially a matter of the “truth held in unrighteousness,” Christians can always count on the fact that the “truth will come out” regardless of unbelief, that the consequences of human action will always be other than we intended, and that reality will always have the last laugh. Irony, in short, is not merely a subject for writers or cultural … View Resource

  • There’s No Coming to Life without Pain: An Interview with Elisabeth Elliot Article by Elisabeth Elliot

    FROM TABLETALK | February 1989

    Flannery O’Connor once responded to an interviewer’s question about why her short stories left such a bad taste in the mouth with, “Well, you weren’t supposed to eat them.” Her wry sense of confidence in herself and her craft was undoubtedly due to her utter confidence that God was in total control of her life and writing habit. In her words, both written and spoken, Elisabeth Elliot exudes this same quiet confidence. Hers is a Lord whom she has learned is nothing less than trustworthy. Ask her to sum up what God has taught her and she says simply, “Trust … View Resource