• Fire Safety Devotional

    Proverbs 6:27–29

    All too often, we think that we can entertain temptation or get too close to a particular sin and not fall into transgression. That shows us just how important it is for us to be reminded of Proverbs 6:27–29. Knowing our own weaknesses, we should avoid those occasions, people, or places where we might find ourselves playing with the fire of sin. If we do not do that, we will set ourselves up for failure and compromise the holiness to which God calls us. View Resource

  • Wisdom and the Forbidden Woman Devotional

    Proverbs 7:1–20

    The temptation to sexual sin does not, in our day, always present itself as a temptation to idolatry. However, the Bible’s teaching on sexual sin makes it clear that sexual sin is not only a sin against the body, but it is also a sin against the Lord. To lie with one who is not one’s lawful spouse is to forsake our union with Christ and be joined to another (1 Cor. 6:15–20). We flee sexual sin not only to protect our families but also to protect our very souls. View Resource

  • Seeking God’s Statutes Devotional

    Psalm 119:153–160

    We will not be saved by our own keeping of the law, for we are sinners and cannot keep the law perfectly. However, exposure to the law of God is necessary for salvation, for it is by the law that the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin and prepares us for the gospel. As many have said, you cannot know the good news of grace without first knowing the bad news of the condemnation under which we stand as lawbreakers. Let us encourage our churches in the preaching and teaching of God’s law. View Resource

  • Meet Woman Folly Devotional

    Proverbs 9:13–18

    Often we wonder how people can make foolish decisions that destroy their lives and reputations. The simple answer is that sin is seductive. People chase after folly because they believe its false promises. Let us take care to guard our hearts. We are as capable of believing the false promises of Woman Folly as anyone else. Let us keep ourselves full of the divine wisdom that comes by studying God’s Word so that we do not follow after foolishness. View Resource

  • Discipline’s Cleansing Rod Devotional

    Proverbs 20:30

    Matthew Henry comments, “Severe rebukes sometimes do a great deal of good, as corrosives contribute to the cure of a wound, eating out the proud flesh. The rod drives out even that foolishness which was bound up in the heart, and cleanses away the evil there.” Obstinate sinners such as ourselves often cannot learn our lessons unless the instruction is delivered with painful blows. But as this pain leads to cleansing, it is evidence of God’s working all things for our final good. View Resource

  • Standing Firm Against Adultery Devotional

    Proverbs 5:15-20

    Matthew Henry comments, “Let him that is married take delight in his wife, and let him be very fond of her, not only because she is the wife that he himself has chosen and he ought to be pleased with his own choice, but because she is the wife that God in his providence appointed for him and he ought much more to be pleased with the divine appointment, pleased with her because she is his own.” God gave us our spouses; let us rejoice in them. View Resource

  • The Trap of Adultery Devotional

    Proverbs 5:1-14

    Adultery is not the unforgivable sin. Those who commit it will be forgiven by God if they repent. Nevertheless, adultery always has destructive consequences. It can lead to divorce. It can bring an end to a person’s good name. It can lead children to lose respect for a parent who has committed adultery. It can lead to the loss of a job. That adultery can lead to these consequences must be remembered. Though there is hope in forgiveness, adultery brings destruction. View Resource

  • The Cords of Sin Devotional

    Proverbs 5:22-23

    Romans 2:5 indicates that the impenitent are storing up wrath for themselves, wrath that they will feel in its most intense form on that final day when God judges the living and the dead. Remembering this truth will help us to be patient as we see wicked people succeed and righteous people fail. Moreover, it will encourage us to share the gospel with those around us, knowing that if our loved ones do not turn to Christ, they will suffer eternal death. View Resource

  • The Flight of the Wicked Devotional

    Proverbs 28:1

    Numbers 32:23 says that our sin will find us out. We live in fear if we are in impenitent sin because we know the truth of this verse, namely, that we cannot hide our wickedness forever. The only solution to such fear is confession and repentance. Confessing our sins to one another puts fear and paranoia to flight because it brings our transgression out into the open, encouraging us to fight our sin and to take an honest stand for Christ as sinners saved by grace alone. View Resource

  • Our Wisdom and God’s Devotional

    Proverbs 21:30-31

    God’s wisdom has the final say in all matters. No plan, no matter how well conceived or potent, can keep Him from accomplishing His purposes. His enemies can advance only as far as He allows, and what might look like victories on their part are ordained by the Lord as part of His plan to defeat them fully and finally. If we are in Christ, the undefeatable Lord is on our side. In that we can and must rejoice, for it means that our enemies cannot finally prevail. View Resource

  • Cosmic Redemption Devotional

    Romans 8:19-22

    Sin has consequences not only for ourselves but also for the entire creation. Because of what we did in Adam, the world suffers. One day, the suffering will be over, and this is a day for which even the earth hopes. In the meantime, we can alleviate the suffering of the world and all that is in it through good stewardship of its resources. This is one of our callings as Christians, and we fulfill it out of love for the Creator. View Resource

  • Missing the Mark Devotional

    James 4:17

    Human beings have a universal sense of oughtness. We know that we ought to meet certain standards. We know that we ought to be better than we are, and so we are always trying to improve ourselves morally, physically, spiritually, and so forth. This oughtness testifies to the universal knowledge that there is a transcendent standard that we fail to meet. As we share the gospel, we should point to this sense in order to help people understand their guilt before God. View Resource

  • Sinful Beyond Measure Devotional

    Romans 7:13

    Augustine of Hippo writes, “The law is given not to take away sin nor to deliver us from it but to reveal what sin is before grace comes. The result is that those who are placed under the law are seized by an even stronger desire to sin and sin even more.” Sin’s twisting of the law means we cannot obey it truly if we put any stock in our ability to do so. But if we confess our sin and rest in Christ alone for salvation, He empowers us to keep it truly, but imperfectly, in gratitude for His … View Resource

  • Knowing Sin Devotional

    Romans 7:7

    When we see that Paul refers to the law of God as good and holy (Rom. 7:7–12), we can better understand how the psalmist can declare his love for the law (Ps. 119:97). The holiness and goodness of the law elicit praise in the hearts of converted people. Although in Christ we no longer stand under the law in the same way that we did before conversion, it remains to guide us, and we learn to love it in a way that was impossible before we were saved. View Resource

  • Slavery to Sin and Its Fruit Devotional

    Romans 6:20-21

    If there is anything we learn from today’s passage and the whole of Romans 6:15–23, it is that Scripture knows nothing of an autonomous existence in which we have no master to serve. We are made to be servants, and we will serve either the master of sin or the master of righteousness—God Himself. We cannot serve the master of righteousness apart from God’s grace, and if He has bought us with the blood of Christ, we will—imperfectly but truly—serve Him. View Resource