• Adam and Israel Devotional

    Hosea 6:6–7

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage: “God desires to be worshipped otherwise than sensual men [people who serve the flesh, not the Spirit] dream; they only display their rites, and neglect the spiritual worship of God, which stands in faith and love.” It is easy for us to criticize the false worship of other religions but much harder for us to recognize where our praise has degenerated into mere formalism. Let us regularly examine our worship to make sure it is in spirit and truth. View Resource

  • And He Ate Devotional

    Genesis 3:6-7

    John Calvin comments: “we desire to know more than is right, and more than God allows; whereas the principal point of wisdom is a well-regulated sobriety in obedience to God.” Instead of fearing God in order to achieve true wisdom (Prov. 1:7), we are tempted to say more than Scripture says or follow our own path of knowledge. Consider today where you have legalistically added to God’s Word or abandoned it entirely. Repent and begin doing otherwise. View Resource

  • Anger, Sin, and the Devil Devotional

    Ephesians 4:26-27

    If sinful anger can give the Devil a foothold in our churches and in our relationships with friends and family, then defusing anger is an essential part of spiritual warfare. Insofar as it depends on us, we must strive to make peace with those who are angry with us. We must also be discerning about our anger — to make sure it is justified and not sinful. As we do these things, we strike back against the wiles of Satan. View Resource

  • Because of You Devotional

    Genesis 3:17-19

    Though applicable to all, the curse on labor has special bearing on men. Leading and providing for a family can be overwhelming, and the curse is most manifest whenever men view work as mere drudgery, try to do as little as possible, or use their job as an excuse to neglect real relationships with their families and friends. If you are a man, consider if you have done these things and seek out other men who will help you see labor and family as a blessing. View Resource

  • Blaspheming God’s Name Devotional

    Romans 2:24

    The Bible is clear that until we are glorified, we will always fail at some level to practice what we preach. Non-Christians will take advantage of this and always use our failures as cause to blaspheme the Lord, and there is not much we can do about it. However, if we are open about our failures and are careful to never promise sinlessness in this life, we can render their criticisms wholly illegitimate. Christians are not free of hypocrisy, but we should be free of impenitent hypocrisy. View Resource

  • Blots and Blemishes Devotional

    2 Peter 2:12–13

    False teachers who leave the church to start their own cults are, in a sense, easier to deal with because they have clearly set themselves apart from the Christian community. More insidious are those teachers who hold onto the name “Christian” and yet subtly or overtly preach things contrary to the Word of God. While we must not be divisive over minor matters, we also must be discerning about all our teachers. Pray that God would help you discern truth from error. View Resource

  • Comprehending the Pattern of Evil Devotional

    Are there spiritual “Babels” in your life that need to be torn down, such as an attempt to make a name for yourself? A project that takes precedence over God? An idol that is more important than God? View Resource

  • The Consequences of Sin Devotional

    2 Kings 17:1-23

    If we are in Christ, we need not fear that we will be exiled from the blessed presence of God forever. However, God may still discipline us for our sin, and we may feel the effects of His disciplinary rod on the covenant community just as the righteous remnant went into exile along with the unfaithful Israelites. But if we live a life of repentance, we will learn from the Lord’s discipline and experience joy even in our pain and struggle. View Resource

  • The Cords of Sin Devotional

    Proverbs 5:22-23

    Romans 2:5 indicates that the impenitent are storing up wrath for themselves, wrath that they will feel in its most intense form on that final day when God judges the living and the dead. Remembering this truth will help us to be patient as we see wicked people succeed and righteous people fail. Moreover, it will encourage us to share the gospel with those around us, knowing that if our loved ones do not turn to Christ, they will suffer eternal death. View Resource

  • Cosmic Redemption Devotional

    Romans 8:19-22

    Sin has consequences not only for ourselves but also for the entire creation. Because of what we did in Adam, the world suffers. One day, the suffering will be over, and this is a day for which even the earth hopes. In the meantime, we can alleviate the suffering of the world and all that is in it through good stewardship of its resources. This is one of our callings as Christians, and we fulfill it out of love for the Creator. View Resource

  • Counting Sin in Adam Devotional

    Romans 5:13-14

    Imputation of sin reveals the principle of federalism, which we will discuss more over the next few days. Today we note that we do not come into the world in a state of moral neutrality. We are not born innocent, but we are already deserving of death. Since the fall, the naturally-conceived-and-born sons and daughters of Adam are legally guilty of sin and subject to its consequences. If this were not so—if we were legally neutral before God—we would not need a Savior. View Resource

  • Degrees of Sin Devotional

    John 19:1-16

    That there are degrees of punishment in hell according to the extent of one’s sin means that there are also degrees of reward in heaven according to how we obey. Our obedience, to be sure, cannot earn eternal life, but once we are admitted into the kingdom by grace alone through faith alone, what we do in service to Christ earns for us, by His grace, rewards in heaven. Let us serve Him that our rewards might be even greater (1 Cor. 3:1–15). View Resource

  • The Depth of Our Sin Devotional

    Psalm 14:2-3

    We must remember that we “sin because we are sinners” and not that “we are sinners because we sin.” All of us are born with a nature at enmity with God, and every wicked act we perform flows from our darkened hearts and minds. Only God can change our nature (John 6:65), and the evidence He has done this is a desire to love and to serve Him. Confess your reliance on the Spirit to change you, and if you have never trusted in Jesus, do so today. View Resource

  • Discipline’s Cleansing Rod Devotional

    Proverbs 20:30

    Matthew Henry comments, “Severe rebukes sometimes do a great deal of good, as corrosives contribute to the cure of a wound, eating out the proud flesh. The rod drives out even that foolishness which was bound up in the heart, and cleanses away the evil there.” Obstinate sinners such as ourselves often cannot learn our lessons unless the instruction is delivered with painful blows. But as this pain leads to cleansing, it is evidence of God’s working all things for our final good. View Resource

  • The Duality of Man Devotional

    Daniel 12:1–2

    The Bible teaches duality — man is composed of body and soul that exist together harmoniously. This is different from dualism — body and soul are opposed to one another. We must be careful to take care of our bodies by eating well, exercising, and such things, because how we care for ourselves reflects what we think about God’s image. Consider how you care for yourself and what you must do to be healthy and glorify God with your lifestyle. View Resource