• The Forbidden Fruit Devotional

    Genesis 3:1b-5

    Do you believe in what God has revealed to us? Do you take Him at His word when He tells us He is good and that He never lies (Num. 23:19)? Or do you let your own “knowledge” or experience lead you to embrace disbelief? Perhaps you imply you doubt by not following all of His commandments? Consider an area of your life where you have not lived according to God’s Word. Repent and show you believe in Him by walking in obedience today. View Resource

  • No Murderer Devotional

    1 John 3:14–15

    How comfortable are you in hating other professing Christians? Do you hold grudges? Do you purposefully avoid speaking to believers whom you dislike? Do you recount all the wrongs someone has done to you even after they have apologized? Ask the Lord to help you search your heart and to make you distressed when you hate another Christian. If you presently hate someone, perform an act of love for that person today as you ask God to change your heart. View Resource

  • No One Who Abides Devotional

    1 John 3:4–6

    We do well to remember Martin Luther’s insistence that at the same time we are justified, we are also sinners. Until we are glorified, we will struggle with sin. However, we must not let this knowledge make us think we can have no real victory over sin. We have a Savior who has sent His Spirit to enable us to resist all the temptations of the flesh. Look to Jesus for forgiveness for your transgressions and seek to submit to the sanctifying work of the Spirit today. View Resource

  • Gain from Wrongdoing Devotional

    2 Peter 2:15–16

    Even a broken clock is correct twice a day, or so the saying goes. False teaching is particularly dangerous because rarely will false teachers speak no truth at all. That truth is spoken on occasion, however, does not make one approved by God, for even the vilest of sinners have the capability to know and teach true things because they bear the image of the One who is Truth. Remember to take into account the motivations of your teachers as well as the words they speak. View Resource

  • Full of Adultery Devotional

    2 Peter 2:14

    Most of us would readily leave a church in which a leader is promoting a view of sexuality not in line with Scripture. However, though today’s passage is primarily a warning about false teachers, we should all likewise beware lest our own eyes be found to be full of adultery. Unfortunately, the increasing sexualization of everything in our culture can affect us. If you struggle with sexual sin, find accountability and pray that your eyes and thoughts would be pure. View Resource

  • Blots and Blemishes Devotional

    2 Peter 2:12–13

    False teachers who leave the church to start their own cults are, in a sense, easier to deal with because they have clearly set themselves apart from the Christian community. More insidious are those teachers who hold onto the name “Christian” and yet subtly or overtly preach things contrary to the Word of God. While we must not be divisive over minor matters, we also must be discerning about all our teachers. Pray that God would help you discern truth from error. View Resource

  • The Glorious Ones Devotional

    2 Peter 2:10b–11

    That Peter calls demons “glorious ones” does not suggest they have some goodness left in them. Rather, it warns us of the power and might they still possess even though they are fallen. Though we must not fear evil if we are in Christ, we are still to understand its reality and be wary of demonic spirits lest we fall prey to their influence. If you are tempted to be overtly curious about the occult and other wicked things, beware lest you open yourself up to trouble. View Resource

  • Sins of Omission Devotional

    James 4:17

    When we confess our sins before the Lord, it is easy to remember our flagrant violations of His law. Harder to see, however, are those times when we have known what is right and yet have not done it. Perhaps we ignored a neighbor who was in need. Maybe we did not offer words of encouragement at the right time. Perhaps we neglected to take a stand for the kingdom. In prayer, ask God to forgive your sins of omission and to enable you always to do what you know is right. View Resource

  • Single-Minded Speech Devotional

    James 3:9–12

    James’ complaint that the tongue is untameable demonstrates that even the “best” Christian will never in this life perfectly control his tongue. Still, if we continually curse others with our words, then we must question the presence of God in our lives. In cursing others, we curse God, and God does not allow such to come from the lips of His people. Ask the Lord in prayer to make you always bless others. Then, go and make amends with those you have cursed. View Resource

  • The Untameable Tongue Devotional

    James 3:7–8

    Contrary to some theological traditions, the Bible does not teach that it is possible to achieve a sinless perfection this side of heaven. Today’s passage reminds us of the powerful presence of sin, especially as manifested in the tongue. However, this should not lead us to give up in our quest to put our sin to death. In prayer, ask the Lord to lead you into submission to the Holy Spirit to control your tongue. Find another believer who can hold you accountable in these things. View Resource

  • The Fiery Tongue Devotional

    James 3:5b–6

    In today’s passage, James reminds us that it only takes a small flame to cause a great fire. Oftentimes the most offensive and hurtful things that we say appear to be insignificant at the time. However, snide and subtle comments can be just as damaging as ones that are more directly spoken. Take some time to ask yourself if you are guilty of making hurtful comments or engaging in gossip. Ask the Lord to make your tongue an instrument of holiness. View Resource

  • The Struggle Against Sin Devotional

    Hebrews 12:4

    All of us must war against those enemies that would seek to draw us away from Christ. We are always tempted to give in to those things that Christ hates. In prayer, ask God to keep you from succumbing to temptation, and if you are continually indulging in a certain sin avoid tempting situations until you are strong enough to resist them. View Resource

  • Intellectual Treason Devotional

    2 Timothy 2:15

    Even during the apostolic times, there were unorthodox men and women who crept into the church and perverted her teaching. We must remain vigilant against the wolves who seek to destroy the faith of God’s flock. Study the historic truths of Christian orthodoxy and ask the Lord to help you discern truth from error in the church. View Resource

  • The Noetic Effects of Sin Devotional

    Romans 1:18–23

    Atheists claim that there is not enough reason to believe God exists. In Romans 1, Paul proves otherwise. All men see God in creation but suppress the evidence in sin. Good apologists for the Christian faith always remember that. As you prepare to defend the faith, study the truths of the faith and pray that minds will receive them. View Resource

  • More Sin, More Grace Devotional

    Romans 5:20

    What sins do you most regret? Did you ever doubt that it would be possible for God to forgive you for those sins? How did you come to understand that His grace was sufficient even to cover your most heinous transgressions? If we confess our sins, our gracious Lord will forgive them (1 John 1:9). Never think that you are beyond His grace. View Resource