• Meek like Moses Devotional

    Numbers 12:3

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  • Blessed are the Persecuted Devotional

    Matthew 5:10–12

    While we are certainly not called to seek out persecution, there is also a sense in which we should expect people to make fun of us or even beat and kill us when we faithfully proclaim the gospel. As in every generation, the temptation is to water down or change the gospel so that it will be more palatable to the world and less likely to get us into trouble. Today, let us encourage one another never to succumb to this temptation. View Resource

  • Blessed are the Peacemakers Devotional

    Matthew 5:9

    It is important to note that the peacemaking that reveals our status as God’s children is peacemaking concerned to promote an authentic, holy peace. The false prophets of Israel promised a fake, ungodly peace, and many people today want to paper over real differences and make light of ungodliness in the interest of “peace.” Let us never attempt to make this type of false, temporary peace between others. View Resource

  • Blessed are the Pure in Heart Devotional

    Matthew 5:8

    The greatest glory of heaven is not that we will be free of pain, as wonderful as that will be. Instead, the ability to enjoy direct, face-to-face communion with God and see that for which our souls were created will be the highest joy we can imagine. We can scarcely contemplate the wonder of that day, but the beauty of Christ should make us long for it with the deepest longings of our souls and pursue the purity of heart that leads to this vision. View Resource

  • Blessed are the Merciful Devotional

    Matthew 5:7

    Mercy does not deny that wrong has been done or make light of sin. Instead, mercy is forgiveness and patience extended to someone despite the fact that the person deserves only justice. This is an important principle in a day when many confuse mercy with winking at justice and righteousness. Let us never ignore justice, but may we also be quick to show mercy to those who have sinned against us and ask for our forgiveness. View Resource

  • A Hunger for Righteousness Devotional

    Matthew 5:6

    Jesus’ life illustrates the kind of passion for righteousness that all the people of God are to emulate. He said that His food was “to do the will of [God]” (John 4:34). For Christ, His very survival depended on obeying His Father. The same is true for us. Our eternal survival is dependent on obeying Jesus’ command to repent and believe the gospel. And we live out this command by repenting and believing the gospel all the days of our lives. View Resource

  • Blessed are the Meek Devotional

    Matthew 5:5

    Dr. Sproul notes that all of us, no matter our position, have some kind of authority over other creatures — even if it is just over a pet. No matter the degree of authority we possess, the arrogant, selfish exercise of such authority for our own benefit alone is the antithesis of meekness, and it is unbecoming to Christ’s followers. Let us reject all such uses of our power and authority and lead with meekness even when it is costly to us. View Resource

  • Blessed are Those Who Mourn Devotional

    Matthew 5:4

    Though Jesus was a man of sorrows, He was able to endure suffering and pain because He knew that “out of the anguish of his soul” He would “see and be satisfied” (Isa. 53:11). We will never have to go through what Christ did, but we can look to God’s promise of comfort as a similar guarantee that we will one day see our mourning is not in vain. This, in turn, will help us to suffer for the sake of the kingdom of heaven in the here and now. View Resource

  • The Poor in Spirit Devotional

    Matthew 5:1–3

    God’s presence is felt most strongly in the kingdom of heaven, which was inaugurated in Christ’s ministry and will be consummated at His return. Entry into this kingdom and, ultimately, seeing God’s beauty face to face comes only through repentance and faith, the renunciation of sin and selfreliance in order to trust in Jesus alone. This turning happens decisively at conversion but is also a continual practice throughout the Christian life. View Resource

  • The Golden Rule Devotional

    Matthew 7:12

    John Calvin says, “All the precepts [of the Mosaic law]…have a reference to [the Golden Rule].” Even the Old Testament laws that deal more directly with God teach us to love our neighbor. The law against idolatry, for example, enjoins us to love others. Clearly, it is not loving to lead others into false worship and death through our service to idols. As you study a particular passage of Scripture, ask yourself how it shows you to put others ahead of yourself. View Resource

  • Retaliation and the Kingdom Devotional

    Matthew 5:38–42

    The last point of Matthew Henry’s quote is important since there are times when seeking reparation may in fact be the best way to love our neighbor and keep him from sinning further. Such occasions, however, will be few and far between. We are to endure insults and offenses meekly, doing extra even for those who do not deserve it (Matt. 5:41). When someone asks you for a favor, volunteer to go above and beyond their request. View Resource

  • The Full Meaning of Moses Devotional

    Matthew 5:21–26

    Matthew Henry writes that the Pharisees made the fundamental error in thinking that “the divine law prohibited only the sinful act, not the sinful thought.” The unseen sins of the mind and heart are the easiest for us to justify, but God detests our inner wickedness as much as He hates the evil we do before the eyes of men. Seek to reconcile yourself to someone with whom you have been angry unjustly so that your heart and your deeds may be purified. View Resource

  • The Fulfillment of the Law Devotional

    Matthew 5:17–20

    The distinction between the civil, ceremonial, and moral laws of the Mosaic code is not so clear on the pages of Scripture. Nevertheless, the distinction is a helpful tool for applying this law to our lives today. We study the Mosaic law to learn what God would have us do in Christ. This law has been written on our hearts thanks to the Holy Spirit, though we still certainly struggle doing it. Make sure to spend time each week in study of the law of God. View Resource

  • Persecution and Reward Devotional

    Matthew 5:10–12

    Matthew Henry writes: “There is no evil so black and horrid, which, at one time or other, has not been said falsely against Christ’s disciples and followers.” Rejoice and be glad if you are being slandered for obeying Jesus, for great is your reward (Matt. 5:12). This passage also warns us against repeating things if we are uncertain of their truth. If God blesses those who tell lies about His children, will He not curse those who say them? View Resource

  • Purity and Peacemaking Devotional

    Matthew 5:8–9

    By the Holy Spirit, we are “sons of God” and partake of His nature (2 Peter 1:3–4). Since our Father loves peace so much that He sent His Son to reconcile Himself to His people, we have not partaken of His nature and cannot claim to be Christians if we are not peacemakers. We must be willing to put ourselves and our desires in second place to make peace as long as we do not compromise essential biblical truth. Make peace today where you have caused strife. View Resource