• Dealing with Anger Devotional

    Proverbs 14:29

    Today we can apply the practical suggestions Dr. R.C. Sproul gives in this final lecture on anger by asking ourselves several questions. What tends to make me mad and why? What behavioral characteristics annoy me, and what are the reasons? When we do this, we can better prevent irrational anger and avoid situations that we know will enrage us until we can calmly address the problem. Ask yourself what makes you angry and seek God’s help to deal with it. View Resource

  • When Anger Destroys Devotional

    I Samuel 25

    Simeon, Levi, and David show us how righteous anger can easily be twisted into a desire for revenge. But when we harbor thoughts of revenge in our hearts, we break God’s law with our minds and may do so with our hands, causing us to lose out on a blessing. Think of a time when you gave “payback” for an offense that was far greater than required. Repent, and if possible, apologize to the one upon whom you took revenge. Be angry, but do not sin (Eph. 4:26). View Resource

  • Be Angry, Do Not Sin Devotional

    Ephesians 4:25-32

    We can too easily fall back under the sway of sin, which makes our hearts “deceitful beyond all things” (Jer. 17:9). We can trick ourselves into thinking our anger is godly when it is not pleasing to the Lord. Being honest with other Christians is essential in differentiating between godly and ungodly anger. If you are mad today, confess this anger to a godly friend who can help discern whether it is justified. Then, seek the good of the person with whom you are angry. View Resource

  • Build Yourselves Up Devotional

    Jude 20–21

    Building ourselves up in the most holy faith provides the content we need to refute falsehoods. Praying in the Spirit gives us the power we need to stand firm. As we keep ourselves in the love of God, our assurance of the truth of God grows and enables us more confidently to proclaim it. Looking forward to the mercy at the last day gives us hope that our faith in Christ will prevail. Find a small group to encourage you to do these things and stand for the truth. View Resource

  • Growing Up in Love Devotional

    1 Corinthians 13:11–13

    Do you think it is more important to possess many talents and gifts or to be righteous? The emphasis in the New Testament is on the importance of personal holiness and the practice of righteous love, for if we are gifted but have not love, we have nothing (1 Cor. 13:1–3). As we make use of the means of grace (biblical study, sacraments, prayer, among others), we will better understand and love the way Paul describes. Make sure you regularly participate in these things. View Resource

  • His Commandments Devotional

    1 John 2:3–6

    Some in church history have advocated perfectionism based partly on verse 5 of today’s passage. 1 John 1:8 makes it clear that this cannot be the case, thus, we must scrutinize our lives to see if we are keeping His commandments. Do you obey Christ, albeit imperfectly, and are you repentant whenever you do not? If so, you can be sure that you know Him. If you claim Him as Savior, seek today to obey Him as Lord where you have not done so before. View Resource

  • Grace and Knowledge Devotional

    2 Peter 3:17–18

    While it is certainly true that all of those without true faith will not finally fall away, this does not mean that we who confess Christ have the right not to take the warnings of Scripture seriously. Even true believers can temporarily lose assurance if they follow false teaching. Warnings like the one found in today’s passage are used by the Holy Spirit to keep us in faith. Pray that you would be receptive to the warnings of Scripture and study so that you may not fall prey to error. View Resource

  • One Final Reminder Devotional

    2 Peter 1:13–15

    Unless Jesus returns first, we will all one day leave this present world behind. What will be your legacy? Are you working to see that your children become Christians so that they in turn will make disciples after you are gone? Are you a wise steward that you might leave resources behind to help fund the work of the Gospel ministry? Consider what you need to do to leave behind a legacy that will contribute to the advance of the kingdom after you are gone. View Resource

  • After You Have Suffered Devotional

    1 Peter 5:10–11

    In the light of eternity, all of our suffering takes on a new perspective. When we truly understand and trust that we will enjoy the glory of God forever, we will be all the more enabled to endure bravely and persevere through our suffering. Take some time today to meditate on the glory of God that we will enjoy for eternity face to face (1 Cor. 13:12). Ask the Lord to remind you always of the glory that He is refining you for through your suffering. View Resource

  • Be Watchful Devotional

    1 Peter 5:8–9

    Calvin and other commentators agree that Ephesians 6:10–20, and the armor of God described therein, provides a guide for how we might stand firm and resist Satan’s devices. Persevering faith, prayer, and the Word of God can help us to stand against the wiles of the Devil. Fellowship with other believers can likewise aid us when we are in need. Put on the whole armor of God, pray against the devices of the evil one, and take time to fellowship with other believers. View Resource

  • Judgment Begins Devotional

    1 Peter 4:17

    The history of God’s people indicates that judgment always begins within the covenant community. For example, the Israelites were sent into exile before the wicked Babylonian empire was judged. Today’s passage expressly states that judgment begins with the house of God. Though we may not always know why we suffer, if we respond properly we will either be purified, disciplined, or gain some kind of heavenly reward. Ask the Lord to help you respond rightly to suffering. View Resource

  • The End of All Things Devotional

    1 Peter 4:7

    How are you living in light of the return of Christ? Are you obsessed with trying to learn the exact timing of the second advent? Or are you praying and working in light of His return? There is much work to do before our Lord returns, and today’s passage tells us that we must be praying. Take some time today to pray for the kingdom to come and manifest itself powerfully wherever you may be. Do your best to expect Christ’s return with eagerness and sobriety of mind. View Resource

  • A Tender Heart Devotional

    1 Peter 3:8–9

    John Calvin says that though it is quite difficult to bless our enemies, “we ought to imitate in this case our heavenly Father, who makes his sun to rise on the unworthy.” Even our Lord pours many earthly blessings on those who would rise up against Him. Go before the Lord in prayer and ask Him to enable you to seek the well-being of people you do not like. Do good today to one of them, perhaps by offering a compliment or giving a gift. View Resource

  • Lasting Beauty Devotional

    1 Peter 3:3–6

    This passage has a message for men and women. Unlike the surrounding culture, we are not to be vainly concerned with our physical attractiveness, but we are to develop the permanent inward beauty of a godly character. Take some time to consider how concerned you are with your physical appearance. Begin to model a godly character and get rid of anything that would cause you to focus vainly on your outward beauty. View Resource

  • Subject Yourselves Devotional

    1 Peter 2:13–14

    Though Scripture tells us that we must not submit to the ruling authorities when they command us to sin, there is the danger that we might take this principle too far. For example, how many times do people disobey tax laws because they think the government will not find out? Today’s passage tells us we must submit to all governing authorities. Endeavor to submit even to laws that are just though they might seem foolish. View Resource