• True Fasting Devotional

    Isaiah 58:1–12

    The Lord does not wait for us to be sinless to answer our prayers, but we should never take that as a license to do what we please. God does not take persistent sin lightly, and we are the most arrogant of people if we expect that He will answer our prayers when we are engaged in such things. If we are feeling powerless spiritually and the Lord does not seem to be responding to us, it might be due to our lack of repentance. View Resource

  • The Role of Fasting Devotional

    Ezra 8:21–23

    Fasting places no obligation upon the sovereign God to respond in a way we have asked. Yet He does take special delight in us when we show our helplessness in fasting, and He will respond by giving us a greater knowledge of Himself, a deep sense of our dependence on His grace, and maybe even the specific request we bring to Him. Perhaps we would see the Lord move more mightily in the church if we fasted more often. View Resource

  • Giving Meaning to Life Devotional

    Are you living your life “under the sun” or “under heaven?” Have you found true purpose and meaning to life? View Resource

  • Avoiding a Hardened Conscience Devotional

    Pray this prayer with the psalmist David: “Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my anxieties; and see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting” (Ps. 139:23–24). View Resource

  • The Duration of Our Charge Devotional

    1 Timothy 6:13-14

    Christianity is a lifelong surrender to Christ. There is no such thing as “retirement” in the kingdom of God, and, therefore, if we are truly in Christ, we will never abandon our callings as members of the one body nor shirk our responsibility to guard the deposit of truth the apostles and prophets have left for us. Even if we can no longer work full-time or are too weak or frail to serve physically, we can pray and encourage others in the fight. View Resource

  • The Good Fight of Faith Devotional

    1 Timothy 6:11-12

    Everyone who follows Christ makes the “good confession of faith” when he joins a church body, and Paul’s exhortation to Timothy to remember the confession he made before other witnesses is an allusion to the importance of fellow witnesses to encourage us in the faith. All of us have an important part to play in cheering on the discouraged Christians around us, and God will use our encouragement to help others grow to maturity in Christ. View Resource

  • Discerning the Signs Devotional

    As you labor today in behalf of the kingdom, remember that your work is not in vain. View Resource

  • Setting Your Schedule Devotional

    If you do not have a schedule, make one and use it for the rest of the week, then evaluate how it helped you redeem time. If you already have a schedule, take some time to review it and pray about your priorities. View Resource

  • Beating the Clock Devotional

    Be conscious of where you focus your mind today. Try to redeem valuable time consumed by ordinary and mechanical functions by thinking of things of eternal value. View Resource

  • Experiencing Transformation Devotional

    The more you know God, the greater is your capacity to love Him. How well do you know Him? Your obedience or lack thereof reflects the answer to this question. View Resource

  • Getting to the Root of the Problem Devotional

    Examine your heart before God. Ask God to soften your heart and make your spirit pliable in His hands. View Resource

  • Merging Activism and Quietism Devotional

    Are you an activist, rejecting God’s assistance—or a quietist, insisting that He is totally responsible for your spiritual progress or lack of it? View Resource

  • Cooperating with God Devotional

    Are you cooperating with God in the process of sanctification or are you depending on Him to do it all? View Resource

  • Conforming to the Image of Christ Devotional

    Reflect on the final statement of this reading: “We are becoming holy. If we are not becoming holy, then Christ is not in us and our profession of faith is empty.” View Resource

  • Avoiding Stagnated Growth Devotional

    Where are you spiritually? Have you leveled off at a plateau of stagnated spiritual growth? View Resource