• Trust in God’s Provision Devotional

    Exodus 16:1–21

    Are you ever afraid that God will not provide for you? Do you really trust Him to meet your needs from day to day, both spiritually and physically? Are you putting obedience to Him first, or do you make sure you have provided for your needs before you consider God’s commands? Today, memorize Matthew 6:33. View Resource

  • The Bitter Made Sweet Devotional

    Exodus 15:22–27

    Are you quick to complain? When you are suffering some kind of difficulty, do you pray for relief or do you accuse God of injustice? Do you look for what God might be teaching you in every situation, or do you struggle against Him? Read and meditate on Philippians 2:12–18. Memorize Philippians 2:14. View Resource

  • Light and Darkness Devotional

    Exodus 14:15–20

    Read the passage below from John. What does it mean to walk in the light? Describe what it means to walk in darkness. What are some “deeds of darkness”? What are deeds of the light? Read Ephesians 5:8–14. How does Paul describe walking in the light? Meditate on these Scriptures as you consider how you can be a child of light. View Resource

  • The Lord will Fight Devotional

    Exodus 14:10–14

    Read aloud verse 13–14. In what kinds of difficulties are you most afraid? Why should you not be afraid during difficult times? What has God promised His people? How do you depend on your own ability instead of God’s promises and power? Memorize these two verses. Repeat them often to yourself when you are afraid. View Resource

  • The Practical Syllogism Devotional

    1 Timothy 1

    Take the one area in your life that you selected yesterday and apply the practical syllogism. Once again, look up passages that deal with this subject. Use these verses to write the first premise. Then prayerfully examine your own life. Write down the second premise and formulate a conclusion. What does the conclusion tell you? View Resource

  • Sustaining Providence Devotional

    Isaiah 46

    Do you find it difficult submitting to God’s authority? Does it help you to obey Him when you remember that He created you and sustains you by His power? This weekend think about all the ways you are totally dependent on God and thank Him for preserving your life by His power. View Resource

  • Longing for God Devotional

    Psalm 42

    In what ways can New Testament believers be “separated” from God? In what ways do you enjoy God’s presence? Do you miss those times when you neglect Bible study, the sacraments, or church services? Ask God to deepen your love for Him so you will not neglect the means He has provided to strengthen your faith. View Resource

  • Sin and Judgment Devotional

    Psalm 38

    Spend some time today and through the weekend confessing your sins before God. Be specific. Recognize that you deserve God’s disciplines in your life and praise Him for the mercy He has extended to you. Thank Him for Christ, in whom we have forgiveness of sins. View Resource

  • God’s Love and God’s Hatred Devotional

    Romans 9:6–13

    When we see that love and hate boil down to favor and disfavor, we can see that they are objective and that they involve conscious decisions. How does understanding this change how you look at people? Resolve to favor those you are commanded to love and disfavor those you are commanded to hate. View Resource

  • The Calling of God Devotional

    Romans 1:1–7

    Though it is not directly mentioned here, each believer has a call to service. Many have been gifted to labor in the world. Others have been gifted to work with men and women, perhaps in the church. God’s call is a call to serve Him. See that the call of God influences how you live and work at your calling. View Resource

  • The Importance of Sacraments Devotional

    Galatians 3:15-29

    Perhaps one of the reasons why we have not paid sufficient attention to the sacraments is that we associate them with the Roman church and arid ritualism. As we continue our study, keep always in mind that these sacraments were given to us by our Lord, and that we are commanded to observe them. View Resource

  • The Acquisition of Wisdom Devotional

    James 1:1–12

    As has been taught, true wisdom is the combination of knowledge and practical experience. It requires involvement of people in the service of Christ’s disposal, allowing Him to deploy you in a variety of experiences where both wisdom and godly maturity may result. View Resource

  • Willful Ignorance Devotional

    Romans 12:1-8

    The verse used for our study today, Romans 12:2, is Ligonier’s theme verse. Its truth drives our goals and objectives, shaping even the way in which these daily studies are written. Give new priority to the role your transformed mind must have in your pursuit of grace and holiness. View Resource

  • The Need for a Comforter Devotional

    Joshua 1

    Is there some situation in your life that has you afraid, or has your heart gone out of it all and made you discouraged? Read Joshua 1 and John 14, and ask God to both console and restore you “with strength”—the strength of the Divine Comforter, our gift from Jesus. View Resource

  • The Nature of the Church Devotional

    John 1:35-43

    The New Testament shows that it is in the local assembly of the faithful that the great issues of life are fought out. Do not be one of those believers who has abandoned the church because she has “problems.” Realize instead that she will be the locus of such strife, while at the same time being God’s agent of promoting peace. View Resource