• Accepting Our Helper Devotional

    Rejoice in this fact: The Holy Spirit, the Helper promised by Jesus, stands ready to assist you today. View Resource

  • Adam’s Fall And God’s Response Devotional

    Romans 5:12–21

    Men and women stand or fall before God based on the identity of their federal head. All people start out under Adam’s headship, condemned to death and destruction. But when we believe, we come under the headship of Christ and inherit all the privileges He has purchased for His people. The only way to blessing is to be under the headship of Jesus Christ. If you are in Christ, you receive blessings now and in the age to come. View Resource

  • Baptism and Salvation Devotional

    1 Peter 3:21–22

    Noah’s curse on his son Ham (Gen. 9:20–25) shows us that not all who were saved by identifying themselves visibly with Noah actually had true faith. Today many outwardly profess Christ and have been baptized, but because they lack saving faith have not been united to Him. Only those who are truly in Jesus will be spared God’s eternal wrath. If you have never trusted Jesus, trust Him today. If He is your Lord, look to your baptism as a sign of your union with Him. View Resource

  • Before the Face of God Devotional

    Psalm 24

    We can do nothing to merit eternal life, but it does not follow that we can do nothing to experience more of God’s favor once we have been ingrafted into the body of Christ through faith alone. Obedience to the Lord’s covenant stipulations can keep us from the harsher forms of His discipline and grant us many blessings that we might not otherwise enjoy when we are disobedient (Heb. 12). Therefore, we must seek to follow Him in all things. View Resource

  • Beholding His Glory Devotional

    1 Corinthians 15:12–58

    We are not inherently immortal, as the ancient Greeks believed, but depend on the Lord’s sustaining power for our continued existence. If we are in Christ, our souls go to heaven when we die, only to be reunited with our bodies at the resurrection, and we will live forever in God’s presence. We will see Him face to face, and that is the day for which we must long. On that day, we will glorify Him with all that we are, never having to worry about falling short of His glory again. View Resource

  • Children of God Devotional

    1 John 3:1–3

    Are you frustrated with your current progression in holiness? Do you think that you will never overcome your persistent sins? If you hope in Christ, you should not feel this way. For if you truly hope in Him you are His child and are already becoming more like Him. In prayer, ask the Lord to remind you that you are His child and as such you can resist temptation. Thank Him for restoring you when you do fall, and hope on Him today so that you might live accordingly. View Resource

  • Close to the Kingdom of God Devotional

    Mark 12:32–34

    In our day, many people will not preach the law of God because they believe news of God’s judgment creates a barrier to people’s entering the kingdom. Yet Jesus Himself shows us that we cannot come close to the kingdom of God unless we first know God’s law and what it demands. Let us encourage our pastors and teachers in their endeavor to preach and teach the law of God. View Resource

  • Confession and the Spirit Devotional

    1 John 4:13–15

    Are you abiding in Christ? Do you maintain a strong confession of the biblical Jesus and so receive confirmation by the Spirit that you dwell in God and God dwells in you? Or do you hesitate to take a stand for Jesus when it is necessary to do so? Think of family, friends, or co-workers and then ask yourself if it is evident to them that your life and words belong to Jesus. Endeavor to confess Him truly before all of the people in your life. View Resource

  • The Cornerstone Devotional

    Psalm 118:17–29

    Jesus was rejected by His own nation, but He was exalted and made the cornerstone of God’s people, those whom the Lord is delighted to call His children. Because we are His servants, we will also face rejection from a world that loves the darkness, but because we are in Him, we will also be raised up to rule and reign with Him (2 Tim. 2:12a). When we are rejected for our profession of faith, let us remember that and be encouraged to remain faithful. View Resource

  • Deliverance from Death Devotional

    Romans 7:24-25

    We have a role to play in sanctification that we do not have in justification. We cooperate with the Spirit to grow in holiness and please God in our sanctification, but our works have no part in attaining the righteousness we need for our justification. Nevertheless, in the end, sanctification is a work that Christ by His Spirit initiates, sustains, and brings to completion. Only He can rescue us from sin, and it is to Him alone that we are to look for our holiness. View Resource

  • Destruction and Restoration Devotional

    Jeremiah 16

    When the Lord first called Israel out of Egypt, He had not yet given them His law and their sin, however gross, could not measure up to the sins of later generations who knew and wantonly flouted God’s law. To save a people who knew and openly violated the Lord’s commandments would take a greater mercy and display more power than salvation from Egypt. If this was true of the restoration from exile, how much more true is it of the abundant salvation we have been shown in Christ Jesus. View Resource

  • The Doctrine of Reprobation Devotional

    Romans 9:14-24

    Many people are put off by the things we have discussed today. Read Romans 9:19–21. Notice how Paul deals with those who objected. The bottom line of Paul’s reply is this: We must bow the knee to God. He has decided not to save everybody, and we have no right to criticize Him. Can you agree? View Resource

  • The Door to the Sheepfold Devotional

    John 10:1–10

    The complexity of our world as well as its dangers prompt us to seek safety and security. Some people seek these things in the arms of a spouse. Others look for them in a bank account. Many people put all their hope in the government to keep them safe from evildoers. But as we know all too well, none of these things, or any other created entity, can guarantee safety. Only Christ provides the ultimate protection from all that can harm us. In Him we are safe forever from all enemies. View Resource

  • Exercising Your Power of Choice Devotional

    God gave you a free will to choose. You choose according to your desires. Will your present desires lead to wise choices for the future? View Resource

  • A Faithless Bride of God Devotional

    Ezekiel 16:1–14

    For those of us who know Christ, meditating on what the Lord has done for us is a good way to strengthen our love for the Father and His Son. We, too, were like an exposed infant left to die in our blood, but the Lord had pity on us and took us for His own. Thus, the entire Christian life should be motivated by gratitude. Even when we experience the greatest periods of want, we have more than enough to be thankful for. God in His grace has saved us, a wholly undeserving people. View Resource