• The Perpetuity and Change of the Sabbath Article by James Dennison Jr.

    The title of this essay is borrowed from a sermon bearing the heading by the esteemed American Puritan, Jonathan Edwards (1703-58).1 We borrow the title as a tribute to the scholar, teacher, and friend for whom this essay is written: first, because he has loved Edwards; second, because he too has loved the Sabbath Edwards loved. The phenomenon of Puritanism has been aptly described as the history of an ideal. 2 An ideal hatched in the cell of a German monk, nurtured in a Swiss burg, and turned loose on an establishment directed by Elizabeth Regina. Puritanism’s basic design was … View Resource

  • Sabbath Rest Article by Sinclair Ferguson

    FROM TABLETALK | March 2004

    The anonymous author of Hebrews found different ways of describing the superiority of the Lord Jesus Christ. One of them, which forms the underlying motif of chapters 3 and 4, is that Jesus Christ gives the rest that neither Moses nor Joshua could provide. Under Moses, the people of God were disobedient and failed to enter into God’s rest (3:18). Psalm 95:11 (quoted in Hebrews 4:3) implies that Joshua could not have given the people “real rest” since “through David” God speaks about the rest he will give on another day (Heb. 4:7). This in turn implies that “There remains … View Resource