• The Eyes of the Lord Devotional

    1 Peter 3:10–12

    When we relate the command to bless our enemies to the rest of Scripture we may fall into one of two extremes. We can either put ourselves into unnecessary dangers by refusing always to defend ourselves, or we can use the principle of retribution as an excuse for never showing mercy to anyone. Go before the Lord in prayer today and ask Him to guide you in applying His commands. Study diligently so that you might know how to love those who hate you. View Resource

  • If God Permits Devotional

    Hebrews 6:2–3

    All of life is lived under the all-encompassing sovereignty of God. Though we make many plans in life, we will only be able to carry them out if God is so willing. When you make plans for the future, be careful about being too confident of their successfulness, and remember that both your plans and their successfulness depend on the will of God. View Resource

  • The Lord Saves Israel Devotional

    1 Samuel 14:16-23

    Saul gives the appearance of “having a form of godliness but denying its power” (2 Tim. 3:5). He gives more heed to rituals than to the God behind them. Rituals are good so long as they bring us closer to God; otherwise, they are empty. What are some rituals you observe in your Christian life? Are they helping or hindering your growth? View Resource

  • Why Pray? Devotional

    Ephesians 6:10-20

    From your knowledge of Scripture, list the benefits and obligations of prayer. Look up prayer in your concordance or cross references to help you. Do you pray with adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication? Strive to pray in a complete manner before God. Keep in mind God’s purposes in prayer. View Resource

  • God and Human Freedom Devotional

    John 19

    Read Acts 27. How is God’s sovereign providence revealed in this incident? Paul assures the men that they would be saved, but he also stresses their responsibility in verse 31. What does this teach you about your own freedom, responsibility, and God’s ruling providence? View Resource

  • God and Sin Devotional

    James 1

    Think of a time in your life when you sinned and later saw how God brought good out of your sinful actions. Does God’s sovereign control in permitting your sin excuse your sin? How are you comforted knowing God controls even your sin? Again today, praise God for both His purity and His providence. View Resource

  • God or Chance? Devotional

    Isaiah 45

    Read Amos 4:6–10; Hebrews 12:5–11; and 1 Peter 1:6–7. From these passages why might God cause “bad things” to happen? What should our response be when we are confronted with difficult circumstances? Work to recognize God’s hand in your affairs and praise Him that nothing is beyond His control. View Resource

  • Divine Providence Devotional

    Psalms 46

    Read Matthew 6:25–32. What does this passage say about God’s providence? Think of times you attributed events under the canopy of God’s providence to chance. Why is it more comforting to think of providence instead? Notice God’s providential governing of your life and the world around you today and thank Him. View Resource

  • Predestination and Confidence Devotional

    Romans 8:18–28

    That God is sovereign is nonnegotiable. If anything had power over God, that thing would have to be “god.” It would be the most powerful thing in the universe and would be due our worship and adoration. Thank and praise God for His might, and for the peace we have in knowing He controls all things. View Resource