• Dividing the Land Media Resource by

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  • Nothing Left to Chance Media Resource by

    1 Samuel 6:4-12

    The dominant view in our culture is that mankind—in fact, the entire universe—arose by chance. In this message, Dr. Sproul critiques this view by appealing to a basic truth: you can’t get something out of nothing. Nothing ever happens by chance, for God, who created everything in this world, rules over it all. View Resource

  • Creation & Providence Media Resource by

    Acts 17:16-28

    In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, and what God creates He sustains. In other words, all things were created by God, and all things are upheld, directed, and governed by Him. Many Christians today have doubts about these biblical truths. We have been told from our youth onward, that our existence is the result of chance and time. R.C. Sproul shows how faithful Christian leaders must understand the significance of the biblical doctrines of creation and providence and teach them. View Resource

  • Our Sovereign God Media Resource by

    Psalm 103:19

    In a pluralistic and relativistic age, Christian leaders in the Church must stand firm in proclaiming the one living and true God who is revealed in Scripture. The one true God is one in being or essence and three in person: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Triune God is holy and sovereign. Steven Lawson explains how these biblical truths are often attacked, and those who watch over the church must, therefore, be diligent to teach and defend them. View Resource

  • Questions & Answers #1 Media Resource by , , ,

    Ligon Duncan, Sinclair Ferguson, Steven Lawson, and R.C. Sproul answer questions about the church. Note: Answers given reflect the views of the individual speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Dr. R.C. Sproul and Ligonier Ministries. Here is our Statement of Faith. View Resource

  • God Makes it All Happen Media Resource by

    Acts 17:23-30

    Are there things that God does not or cannot control? Is there anything that God did not cause to happen? How much does God control and how much does He sit back and watch? Considering these questions in this message, Dr. Sproul explains the extent of God’s control over His creation. View Resource

  • God or Chance? Media Resource by

    1 Samuel 6:7-9

    By definition, an atheist is someone who denies the existence of God. A theist on the contrary is someone who affirms that He exists. Christians, by definition are in the category of theists. So is it possible for a Christian to be an atheist and not know it? As strange as this sounds, Dr. Sproul explains in this message that many Christians’ fundamental belief about God’s sovereignty logically denies His existence, as he discusses “God or Chance.” View Resource

  • What About Human Freedom? Media Resource by

    Genesis 50:20

    Whatever you plan on doing for the next half hour will be your free choice. And yet, whatever you decide, it will be according to God’s sovereign plan. So which is it: your plan or God’s? Considering this in this message entitled “What About Human Freedom?” Dr. Sproul teaches us how human responsibility and freedom fit in the providence of God. View Resource

  • What Is Providence? Media Resource by

    Everything in creation is under the providing care of God. Not only does God supply all things, He arranges them according to His plan for His glory. For Christians, this ought to produce peace and comfort even when it appears that all is against them. In this message, Dr. Sproul explores many different aspects of the Providence of God, beginning by answering the question, “What is Providence?” View Resource

  • The Eclipse of God Media Resource by

    Psalm 93

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  • In the Beginning, God Media Resource by

    Genesis 1:1

    This lecture will show that God’s sovereignty is a necessary corollary to His being the Creator. View Resource

  • The God of Prosperity and Evil Media Resource by

    Isaiah 45:4-7

    God warns in Isaiah 5:20, “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil.” We would expect a good and righteous God to say things like that. But things start to get a little confusing as we read on in the book of Isaiah. In chapter forty-five, verse seven, God seems to be saying something that doesn’t appear to fit into our understanding of His good and holy character. God plainly says, “I make peace, and create evil.” What do we do with a statement like this? How can a good God create evil? Looking at this difficult saying … View Resource

  • When Bitter Becomes Sweet Media Resource by

    Ezekiel 2-3:3

    Are you looking for a shortcut to accelerate your spiritual growth? There just may be a shortcut to spiritual growth, but it will be anything but easy. In fact, this shortcut requires difficulty as a necessary means for the success of this spiritual growth program. Looking at Ezekiel chapter two, Dr. Sproul talks about “When Bitter Becomes Sweet.” View Resource

  • Questions & Answers #3 Media Resource by

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  • Vessels of Destruction Media Resource by

    Romans 9:14-26

    What if God, desiring to show His wrath and to make known His power, has endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction? This is certainly a loaded question, and it comes right out of Scripture in Romans 9:22. How should we understand this difficult question? Dr. Sproul considers this in this message, as he explores the sovereignty, goodness, and justice of God as they relate to “Vessels for Destruction.” View Resource