• Kindness to the Lord’s Anointed Devotional

    2 Samuel 22:32–51

    The Christological significance of 2 Samuel 22 also shows us where we can expect deliverance. God does not necessarily promise to rescue us from all our problems and make them go away. He does promise to deliver those who are on the side of His Anointed—Jesus Christ—and from the foes that attack Christ and His church. Ultimately, the resurrection will mean the end of all our difficulties, but in this life we will have trouble, and God will be with us. View Resource

  • David’s Return to Jerusalem Devotional

    2 Samuel 19:1–23

    David’s loyal supporters were disheartened when the king mourned overtly for the one who had tried to kill him. Though we will likely not face the same kind of trouble that David did, we should likewise be aware that people can grow disheartened when we do not show our appreciation for them. Especially if we serve in leadership, we should endeavor to show our appreciation for those who assist us. View Resource

  • Ahithophel’s Counsel Defeated Devotional

    2 Samuel 16:15–17:23

    The Lord allowed Absalom to prosper for a time but ultimately thwarted him through counsel that was not sound for achieving his goals. God may allow the enemies of His people to succeed for a time, but eventually He will bring them down. We can be confident that He will defeat all His and our enemies, whether through ordinary or extraordinary means. View Resource

  • Saul Falls to the Philistines Devotional

    1 Samuel 31

    Saul was chosen for an important task in the kingdom of God, but he was finally rejected for his disobedience. We cannot think that God will overlook disobedience in His servants. He is gracious, but He is willing to remove people from positions if they fail to serve Him. Let us seek always to obey the Lord and bring Him glory wherever He appoints us to serve. View Resource

  • The Philistines Reject David Devotional

    1 Samuel 29

    God’s providence can be likened to an invisible hand. The Lord is always moving in our lives, but often we do not discern His work until after the fact. He is guiding and directing all things for our good and His glory, but He does not always announce His presence with great acclaim. As His people, we can be sure that He is working for our benefit even when He seems absent. View Resource

  • David Spares Saul Again Devotional

    1 Samuel 26

    We do not have the same role in the history of redemption that David did. However, we know that God in His providence is working for our good just as He worked for David’s. We may not always understand how He is doing this, but surely He is working all things together for our good and His glory (Rom. 8:28). Whatever you face this day, know that if you are in Christ, God is working for your good. View Resource

  • Abigail Saves David Devotional

    1 Samuel 25

    God restrains evil men from destroying His people. As we see in today’s passage, however, He also restrains His servants from destroying themselves. Most of us can probably think of at least one occasion when an unexpected conversation or event kept us from carrying a sinful intent through to fruition. We should not take such restraint for granted, and we should also be thankful for how the Lord spares us from ourselves. View Resource

  • David Escapes Saul Devotional

    1 Samuel 23

    God offered David many specific encouragements when he was on the run from Saul. The Lord continues to encourage His people today through His Word, which assures us of God’s presence and power. When you need fresh assurance that the Lord is with you, turn to His Word, for its promises of God’s presence, power, and provision are sure. View Resource

  • David on the Run Devotional

    1 Samuel 21

    Scripture does not tell us directly whether David’s lie and feigning of insanity were right. Perhaps they were justifiable under the circumstances. What we do see in 1 Samuel 21 is that God provided weapons and food to David and his men when they were in need. The Lord provides for His people, and we can count on His sustenance. View Resource

  • Saul among the Prophets Devotional

    1 Samuel 19

    Matthew Henry sees today’s passage as confirming that serving in ministry is in itself no proof of conversion. He writes, “Many have great gifts and yet no grace, prophesy in Christ’s name and yet are disowned by him.” Saul prophesied, though his heart was set against the Lord. It is possible to do great things for the church and yet be unconverted. We must trust in Christ for salvation, not in what we do in His name. View Resource

  • Samuel Meets Saul Devotional

    1 Samuel 9:3–27

    Life brings with it many disappointments and changes of plans, and we can find it hard to see that God is working in all of it. However, we must remember that the Lord is working out His good plans for His people even when we cannot see how all the pieces fit together. Let us trust Him this day that He is directing our lives for our good and His glory. View Resource

  • The Ark of the Covenant Captured Devotional

    1 Samuel 4:1b–11

    There are many people in churches all around the world who think that they are right with God simply because they attend worship services, sing in the choir, volunteer on cleanup days, or otherwise participate in a congregation’s activities. But one does not have to be converted to do any of that. Let us not be among those who trust in what we do to be reconciled to God, but let us be among those who rest in Christ alone for salvation. View Resource

  • Hannah’s Song And Eli’s Sons Devotional

    1 Samuel 2

    Sadly, it is all too easy for us, like Hophni and Phineas, to come to a point where we treat the things of God with contempt. This may be a particular danger for church leaders who regularly handle the Lord’s Word and thus can grow too comfortable with it. We should all be seeking the Lord, asking that He keep us from treating His worship and His Word with the kind of familiarity that leads us to forget who He is and who we are. View Resource

  • Ruth Gleans in Boaz’s Field Devotional

    Ruth 2:1–18

    We are not to add to God’s law, but we know that the law is meant to be followed in its spirit, not just in its letter. Just as the commandment against adultery, for example, was to encourage people to develop hearts free of lust, the commandments about gleaning were to encourage people to develop hearts of greater generosity. Let us seek to be generous to others this day. View Resource

  • Samson Avenges Himself on the Philistines Devotional

    Judges 15

    We are not all guilty of the same gross sins that Samson committed, but he does stand as an example of one who was at the same time a servant of God and a great sinner. That is true of all of us, isn’t it? We should be deeply humbled that the Lord redeems us and uses us despite our sin. While we never want to excuse our sin or presume on God’s grace, let us remember that God is merciful and that we can turn to Him for pardon when we transgress His law. View Resource