• True Israel Devotional

    Matthew 2:13–15

    Our sovereign Lord has ordered history to accomplish His purposes and bring His plan for His people to pass. Even when His people failed, the Father sent Jesus so that He might live out the design God has for them. Christ’s success where we have failed is reckoned to our account when we trust in Him, and we are therefore called to imitate His faithfulness. Pray that you will succeed where you failed in the past when you have the opportunity to do so. View Resource

  • Immanuel Devotional

    Matthew 1:22–25

    The fulfillment of prophecy in Jesus can only be understood if we first understand the meaning and application of the prophetic word for its original audience. In this case, Jesus fulfills or “fills up” the word of Isaiah because He, as a Son brought forth by extraordinary means, is the sign of a greater curse or blessing depending on how we respond to the Gospel. Let us follow Him alone as Savior and Lord so that we may receive the greater blessing. View Resource

  • The Messiah’s Kingdom Devotional

    Genesis 49:13

    Ambrose of Milan comments on today’s passage, saying Jesus “is the Lord by nature but a brother by grace” (The Patriarchs, 4.17). God is not a person with whom contact is impossible; He is not “wholly other.” Without sacrificing His kingly rule, God chose to become incarnate as one of us, yet without sin, in order to defeat sin and death and reconcile His people. In coming as a son of Judah, the Son enables us by faith to be His brother and friend (John 15:15). View Resource

  • Divine Prophecy Devotional

    Genesis 41:33-36

    Some Reformed Christians easily fall prey to fatalistic thinking. We might think that since Jesus said the poor will always be with us (Mark 14:7), it is useless to try to help them. Or, maybe we think that we can give up crucifying our flesh because we have struggled with a particular sin for decades, and no end to the fight seems forthcoming. God’s declarations in Scripture must move us to worship, repent, pray, and be holy. Otherwise, we do not believe His Word. View Resource

  • The Prophecy of Scripture Devotional

    2 Peter 1:19–21

    Today’s passage is one of the most important texts that we have regarding the inspiration of Scripture. Though the Holy Spirit used the individual personality and writing style of each biblical author to create the distinctive books of the Bible, He did so in a way that renders the text both authoritative and unified in its teaching. Take some time today to marvel at the power of God displayed in His work of revelation and thank Him for giving us a sure guide for all of life. View Resource

  • Subsequent Glories Devotional

    1 Peter 1:10–12

    Today’s passage tells us that the inauguration of the new covenant in Christ included both suffering and glory. Until this covenant is consummated at the return of Jesus, suffering and glory will remain the lot of God’s people. As you suffer for the kingdom, remember that hardship is only temporary, but the glories of heaven will be eternal. Do what you can to testify about future glory as you and those around you suffer illness, discrimination, or persecution. View Resource

  • The Master Teacher Devotional

    Luke 24:13-15

    We’re warned in Scripture not to allow our hearts to become cold. The hearing of the Word should cause our hearts to burn as we see the sweetness of God. Take your spiritual temperature today. Is your heart warm toward God? Or does the Holy Spirit need to break through the cold, hard stone to bring warmth to your heart? View Resource

  • Judgment on “the Earth” Devotional

    Isaiah 24

    Read Isaiah 24 today. What is your impression of the Lord after you read this pronouncement of judgment? Salvation from God’s wrath can come only through the promise of Christ that He will save those who turn from their sin and put their faith in Him. Pray for your nation today, that it will repent and follow the ways of Christ. View Resource

  • The Question of Israel Devotional

    Romans 11:1-10

    Often Christians get more upset with one another over prophecy than anything else. Ask God to give you a spirit of charity and a true, sober-minded interest in what His Word has to say on the subject. If disagreement on such matters hinders fellowship with believers, focus on those beliefs you hold in common. Preserve unity in your church. View Resource

  • Who Is the Antichrist? Devotional

    2 Thessalonians 2:1-17

    Read the verses cited above in John’s epistles. How were you antichrist before you believed? What antichrists do you see operating both nationally and locally today? Practically speaking, what can you see in John’s letters that indicates how you should respond to such people? View Resource

  • The Rapture Question Devotional

    1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

    Where is your faith? Is it in the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ, or is it in a hope that you will be “raptured” out of suffering? Remain confident in Christ’s ultimate triumph, remain willing to take up your cross daily and suffer for your king. View Resource

  • The Importance of Prophecy Devotional

    Mark 13:1-23

    Prophecy is important. It shows God’s control over history, in that what He predicts does come to pass. Take care not to “throw the baby out with the bath water” when rightly rejecting the fantasies of some prophecy teachers today. View Resource

  • The Fullness of Prophecy Devotional

    Acts 2:14-39

    The impoverished life led by so many believers results from not walking in the power of the Spirit. Understand the importance of our union with Christ and of the Spirit’s work since Pentecost. Do not neglect, grieve, or quench His sanctifying, transforming work in your life. View Resource