• Analyzing Unanswered Prayer Devotional

    Reflect on these reasons for unanswered prayer to determine if they are affecting your prayer life: praying in generalities, being at war with God, being impatient, and forgetting the benefits you have received from God. View Resource

  • An Answered Prayer Devotional

    Psalm 116:1–9

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage that the distress of the psalmist “was removed from him, because he felt that God was indeed propitious towards him.” Knowing that the Lord has good things for His people and is eager to hear us is an encouragement for us to call out to Him, and His deliverance gives us further reason to love and worship Him. Regular prayer helps us remember that God is kind to us, and it helps us to develop an even deeper love for Him. View Resource

  • The Armor of God Devotional

    Ephesians 6:10-20

    John Calvin comments on this passage, reminding us that we should not let the “injurious treatment” of others provoke us to revenge, for those who bother us are merely darts from Satan’s hand. “While we are employed in destroying those darts, we lay ourselves open to be wounded on all sides.” Instead, “we must go straight to the enemy, who attacks and wounds us from his concealment — who slays before he appears.” View Resource

  • Bow to the King Devotional

    1 Samuel 8

    Man might think he can replace God as master, but the Lord reigns whether or not we ever acknowledge His sovereignty. Furthermore, while sinners may assume they can reject God with impunity, Yahweh will not forever tolerate those who defy His standards. History bears witness to the deadly consequences for those societies that turn from God. Take time today to pray for your politicians to submit to the Lord, and pray also for a great revival in your land. View Resource

  • A Call for God to Remember Devotional

    Psalm 106:1-5

    In his sermon “Fine Pleading,” C.H. Spurgeon says, “Everything a sinner gets must come by favor. It cannot come anyway else, for if you get what you deserve, you will get no love, no mercy, no grace.” In and of ourselves, we deserve only condemna-tion. Blessing comes to us only because we are in Christ. As we remember that great truth, the Spirit will establish in us humility and we will find ourselves growing in thankfulness for the Lord and His work. View Resource

  • Eliminating Unrealistic Expectations Devotional

    Do you have unrealistic expectations that account for seemingly unanswered prayers? Are you treating God like a celestial bellhop? View Resource

  • Epaphras and Luke Devotional

    Colossians 4:12-15

    We should never despise the work of our pastors and elders in prayer, for it is this task to which they are called (Acts 6:1–7), and it is necessary for the building up of our churches. Ordained elders in the church should be focused on prayer, praying both at home for their sheep and attending any special prayer meetings that are called. Those who are not ordained elders should take time to thank their leaders for praying on their behalf. View Resource

  • Examining Calvin’s Rules of Prayer (Part 1) Devotional

    How does your personal prayer life line up with these two rules? Is your heart and mind framed as becomes those who are entering into conversation with God? Do you ask only for those things God permits? View Resource

  • Examining Calvin’s Rules of Prayer (Part 2) Devotional

    Do you pray with genuine feeling? Do you always accompany your prayers with repentance? View Resource

  • The Fatherhood of God Devotional

    John 1:12–13

    Far from the universalism at the core of Harnack’s definition of Christianity, true, biblical faith is essentially exclusivistic. There is only one God, and the only way to Him is through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (John 14:6). Our culture hates to hear this, preferring to believe in a god who disregards sin and who makes no demands. If you serve the only true God, then stand firm against those who say all roads lead to heaven. View Resource

  • God-Moving Prayer Devotional

    Genesis 18:16–33

    Sometimes we think our prayers are pointless because we know God’s mind cannot be changed. Yet we do not know what the Lord has decreed, and Scripture is clear that our prayers really do have an effect in God’s plan to bring about His will. He really does interact with us and respond to our intercessions, so we should never be afraid to come to Him in faith, remembering that He is sovereign but also moved by our requests. View Resource

  • God’s Word, Affliction, and Glory Devotional

    Psalm 119:73–80

    Fear of the divine without knowledge of divine truth is superstition, for superstitious people have some kind of “fear” or “anxiety” regarding divine forces. Knowledge of divine truth without fear of the divine is dead orthodoxy, knowledge about God without knowledge of God. If in our affliction we do not return to God’s Word, we are in danger of the former. But if we do not seek His face as we return to God’s Word, we are in danger of the latter. View Resource

  • The God Who Hears His People Devotional

    Proverbs 15:29

    God answers the prayer of salvation, when sinners who are not yet part of His family trust in Christ. He does not answer this prayer based on the merits of those who pray it; rather, He answers it because He regenerates those who call on Him before they call on Him. He initiates the prayer and then responds to it. He answers the prayer based on His own righteousness, for that is the only way human beings, who are wicked by nature since the fall of Adam, can be saved. View Resource

  • Heartfelt Intercession Devotional

    2 Samuel 12:15–17

    At times of great need, our normal instinct is to work harder or look for human aid. These can be good things, but our best course is to stop everything and seek God with our whole hearts, as David does in this passage. Do you know of a great need in your life or that of another? Make it a matter of earnest prayer today. View Resource

  • How to Pray Devotional

    James 5:16

    As an illustration of Luther’s advice, take some time today to pray through the Ten Commandments. Take each stipulation and confess how you have violated that particular law. Worship Him for the perfection of His character revealed in each commandment. Thank Him for enabling you by the Spirit to be faithful to His Law and ask for His kingdom to come so that all may love and obey Him. Make it your aim to pray to our heavenly Father without ceasing. View Resource