• How to Pray Devotional

    James 5:16

    As an illustration of Luther’s advice, take some time today to pray through the Ten Commandments. Take each stipulation and confess how you have violated that particular law. Worship Him for the perfection of His character revealed in each commandment. Thank Him for enabling you by the Spirit to be faithful to His Law and ask for His kingdom to come so that all may love and obey Him. Make it your aim to pray to our heavenly Father without ceasing. View Resource

  • Unceasing Prayer Devotional

    1 Thessalonians 5:17

    In today’s passage the apostle Paul tells us to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:17). Many people find it hard to maintain a consistent prayer life, and so they neglect this important means of grace in the Christian journey. We all find it difficult to pray at times. Today, write out a prayer using the ACTS model or pick a Psalm to follow. Whether or not you find it hard to pray, focus on the kingdom’s advance whenever you go before the Lord. View Resource

  • Bow to the King Devotional

    1 Samuel 8

    Man might think he can replace God as master, but the Lord reigns whether or not we ever acknowledge His sovereignty. Furthermore, while sinners may assume they can reject God with impunity, Yahweh will not forever tolerate those who defy His standards. History bears witness to the deadly consequences for those societies that turn from God. Take time today to pray for your politicians to submit to the Lord, and pray also for a great revival in your land. View Resource

  • The Fatherhood of God Devotional

    John 1:12–13

    Far from the universalism at the core of Harnack’s definition of Christianity, true, biblical faith is essentially exclusivistic. There is only one God, and the only way to Him is through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (John 14:6). Our culture hates to hear this, preferring to believe in a god who disregards sin and who makes no demands. If you serve the only true God, then stand firm against those who say all roads lead to heaven. View Resource

  • Our Father Devotional

    Luke 11:2a

    Some people reading this study today may have difficulty calling God “Father” because their own earthly fathers were cold, abusive, or neglectful. But the One to whom we pray does not share the imperfections of our earthly fathers, no matter how good or bad they were. Instead, we pray to the Father of Jesus and His people, the One who never mistreats us. Take time today to consider God’s goodness and address Him as your Father. View Resource

  • Whatever We Ask Devotional

    1 John 3:21–22

    As we spend time in the prayerful study of Scripture, we will know better what pleases God and thus be able to pray more effectively. As we learn Scripture, our prayers should become less self-centered and more in line with the concern to build the kingdom of God throughout the world. Spend some time today asking God to help you learn and pray God’s will. Using the Lord’s prayer as a model, pray that His kingdom would come in power wherever you happen to be. View Resource

  • Righteous Prayer Devotional

    James 5:16–18

    In 4:4, James warns us against seeking friendship with the world partly because friendship with the world produces ineffectual prayer (vv. 1–3). Instead, we must be friends of God. Elijah was such a friend of God that he was translated into heaven instead of having to suffer death (2 Kings 2:1–12a). Like Elijah, when we are friends of God, He will use our prayer to do mighty things. As a friend of God, spend time in study and in prayer. View Resource

  • The Prayer of Faith Devotional

    James 5:13–15

    James’ confidence that prayer brings healing occurs in a context looking toward the restoration of all things at the day of judgment (5:7–9). Not until the new heavens and the new earth will our bodies be in perfect health. However, the New Testament also tells us that in this age of ministry by the Holy Spirit, the blessings of the final age have begun. So if you are sick today, ask an elder to come and pray for you because it may be that it is God’s will to heal you. View Resource

  • Pray for Us Devotional

    Hebrews 13:18–19

    Everything that ever happens has been ordained by God before the foundation of the world. But we do not know the decrees of God, and His ways are past finding out (Rom. 11:33). Therefore, we must live by His revealed will in Scripture, and thus when we pray, we can be confident that God will accomplish His purposes. View Resource

  • Heartfelt Intercession Devotional

    2 Samuel 12:15–17

    At times of great need, our normal instinct is to work harder or look for human aid. These can be good things, but our best course is to stop everything and seek God with our whole hearts, as David does in this passage. Do you know of a great need in your life or that of another? Make it a matter of earnest prayer today. View Resource