• Our Amen to the Glory of God Devotional

    2 Corinthians 1:20

    The Christian faith is simple enough for anyone to grasp and yet so rich that a lifetime of study will not exhaust our need to plumb the depths of our holy religion as it is revealed in sacred Scripture. As we seek to serve God, let us be ever aware of how much more we need to know about our Creator and His work so as to keep us from taking pride in our own knowledge. Let us also use our understanding of the faith to promote the gospel and worship our holy Lord in true humility. View Resource

  • What Should We Pray For? Devotional

    Matthew 6:33

    Our compassionate and gracious God is far more concerned about our essential needs than we can ever know. That is why we should not be afraid to mention even those needs that we consider the most insignificant whenever we talk to the Lord in prayer. Certainly, we must define our basic needs according to what He says that they are, but we are still free, even commanded, to bring all the needs we can think of before His throne of grace. View Resource

  • Praying in Faith Devotional

    James 1:5–8

    Many people today believe that Jesus promises them a high-paying job, a big house, health, and other physical blessings. They presume upon God’s grace, naming and claiming such things as their own. Yet while we may certainly ask for the aforementioned blessings and many others, the Lord never promises such things to us in this life. We cannot assume the Lord will give us everything we want but only those things He has specifically promised in His Word. View Resource

  • Paul’s Prayer for the Ephesians Devotional

    Ephesians 1:15-16

    Many people find it hard to pray regularly, which is unfortunate because prayer is among the most powerful tools for advancing the kingdom of God. If you find it hard to pray regularly or are easily distracted when going before the Lord, you might want to consider just setting aside a short amount of time each day — five minutes or so — for prayer. You can increase this length gradually so that you are spending ever more time on your knees. View Resource

  • Epaphras and Luke Devotional

    Colossians 4:12-15

    We should never despise the work of our pastors and elders in prayer, for it is this task to which they are called (Acts 6:1–7), and it is necessary for the building up of our churches. Ordained elders in the church should be focused on prayer, praying both at home for their sheep and attending any special prayer meetings that are called. Those who are not ordained elders should take time to thank their leaders for praying on their behalf. View Resource

  • The Armor of God Devotional

    Ephesians 6:10-20

    John Calvin comments on this passage, reminding us that we should not let the “injurious treatment” of others provoke us to revenge, for those who bother us are merely darts from Satan’s hand. “While we are employed in destroying those darts, we lay ourselves open to be wounded on all sides.” Instead, “we must go straight to the enemy, who attacks and wounds us from his concealment — who slays before he appears.” View Resource

  • Kingdom-Focused Prayer Devotional

    Matthew 6:9–13

    Praying for God’s kingdom to come does not mean we must literally say “God, may your kingdom come.” When we pray for the conversion of others, we are praying for them to bow willingly to His rule; thus we are praying for His kingdom to come. In asking God to supply funds for the church’s teaching ministry, we are praying for people to learn His way and thus for His kingdom to come. Today, how might we pray for the kingdom to come? View Resource

  • Selfless Prayer Devotional

    1 Samuel 2:1–11

    As you pray for specific things, do you take into account how the answers may impact the kingdom? Though in some cases it will be easier to do so than in others, all of us should endeavor to pray for things that can help the ministry of the church. Are you praying for a spouse? Pray for a godly spouse who can bless the church. Are you praying for a raise? Pray for a raise that will enable you to give abundantly to kingdom outreach. View Resource

  • God-Moving Prayer Devotional

    Genesis 18:16–33

    Sometimes we think our prayers are pointless because we know God’s mind cannot be changed. Yet we do not know what the Lord has decreed, and Scripture is clear that our prayers really do have an effect in God’s plan to bring about His will. He really does interact with us and respond to our intercessions, so we should never be afraid to come to Him in faith, remembering that He is sovereign but also moved by our requests. View Resource

  • Eliminating Unrealistic Expectations Devotional

    Do you have unrealistic expectations that account for seemingly unanswered prayers? Are you treating God like a celestial bellhop? View Resource

  • Examining Calvin’s Rules of Prayer (Part 2) Devotional

    Do you pray with genuine feeling? Do you always accompany your prayers with repentance? View Resource

  • Examining Calvin’s Rules of Prayer (Part 1) Devotional

    How does your personal prayer life line up with these two rules? Is your heart and mind framed as becomes those who are entering into conversation with God? Do you ask only for those things God permits? View Resource

  • Analyzing Unanswered Prayer Devotional

    Reflect on these reasons for unanswered prayer to determine if they are affecting your prayer life: praying in generalities, being at war with God, being impatient, and forgetting the benefits you have received from God. View Resource

  • Lifting Holy Hands in Prayer Devotional

    1 Timothy 2:8

    Christ promises us that if we forgive others, our heavenly Father will also forgive us, and He warns us that our failure to forgive others means that God will not forgive us (Matt. 6:14–15). Not everyone will accept our attempts at reconciliation, but God expects us to make a good-faith effort to make our relationships with others right. Failing to be reconciled often leads to bitterness, which lies at the root of many discontented lives. View Resource

  • Praying Without Preaching Devotional

    Matthew 6:5–8

    We pray “not to inform God or instruct him but to beseech him closely, to be made intimate with him, by continuance in supplication; to be humbled; to be reminded of our sins” (John Chrysostom, Homilies on the Gospel of Saint Matthew, 19.4). Private prayer helps conform us to Christ. How much time do you spend praying in private? If you pray in public more than you do in private, you might be more concerned with how others see you than with how God sees you. View Resource