• God’s Servant for Our Good Devotional

    Romans 13:3-4a

    Not until eternity will perfect justice be dispensed on earth. According to His own wise counsel, the Lord has determined that all of the unrighteous will receive their just deserts at the resurrection of the dead. Until then, however, He works through the imperfect means of secular authorities to keep society safe and to protect His people from harm. May we be encouraged not to show antagonism toward the state but rather humble submission when it does things right. View Resource

  • The Christian and the Government Devotional

    Romans 13:1-2

    Dr. Sproul has noted that although we may easily grasp the principle that we must obey the state unless it commands us to do something God forbids or forbids us from doing something God commands, applying it correctly is not always so easy. However, we can say that our general approach should be to go out of our way to obey the law of the state. At times, we may have to disobey the state in order to obey the Lord, but those occasions should be relatively rare. View Resource

  • Overcoming Evil with Good Devotional

    Romans 12:21

    Let us note one more time that the high calling to love our enemies cannot be fulfilled in our own power. If we seek to do this through our own efforts, we will fail every time. But if we walk in the Spirit, God will give us a supernatural love for those who hate us, and we will find ourselves doing good even to our most dedicated enemies. May we pray for the Lord to give us this love, and may we encourage one another to walk in it. View Resource

  • Leaving Vengeance to the Lord Devotional

    Romans 12:19-20

    What is your first inclination when people wrong you? Is it to seek vengeance on them, to do what you can to make them pay for what they have done? Or, is your response immediately to pray for them, to ask God to bless them and bring them into His kingdom? When others hurt us, we must seek to do good to them insofar as we can. This does not mean such things as lawsuits are always out of place. It means that no matter what happens, we hope and pray for our enemies’ salvation. View Resource

  • Peaceable Living Devotional

    Romans 12:18

    Christ calls us to do whatever we can to live at peace with all people. This does not mean denying the truth but cultivating a gentle spirit that seeks the good of all, that is humble enough to confess one’s faults and failures, and that puts the needs of others before our own. Only as we walk in the Spirit will we do this. May we seek to be peacemakers and to do whatever we can to commend the name of Christ by living at peace with others insofar as it depends upon us. View Resource

  • The Marks of the Church Devotional

    Acts 2:42

    True churches are identified by their faithfulness to the Word of God, not by their size or influence in the community. A church that hears and obeys Scripture cannot help but reach out to the society around it, but the mere presence of programs or a gathering of professing believers does not necessarily mean a church is present. As believers, let us call our churches to remain faithful to God’s Word and to administer the sacraments rightly and regularly. View Resource

  • Entering into Your Priesthood Devotional

    What are you doing to help those around you who are in distress? Are you keeping yourself clean from the world’s pollution, as James admonishes? View Resource

  • Being Christ to Your Neighbor Devotional

    In what ways can you be Jesus to your neighbor? What are you doing for the hungry, thirsty, homeless, or imprisoned? View Resource

  • Waiting in Faith Devotional

    Do you have a good testimony of faith? Have you learned to wait in faith for God to move on your behalf? View Resource

  • Putting Faith into Action Devotional

    How can you put your faith into action today? View Resource

  • Moving Out in Faith Devotional

    Is God asking you to move out by faith in some area of your life or ministry? View Resource

  • Building the Kingdom of God Devotional

    Do you love believers and unbelievers alike? Are you willing to risk the hostility of both to build God’s kingdom? View Resource

  • Living in God’s Kingdom Devotional

    What is your specific, God-given role in reaching the world with the gospel of the kingdom? View Resource

  • Confronting Paganism Devotional

    Are you seeking the applause of men rather than the approval of God? View Resource

  • Living in Exile Devotional

    Think about some of the ways God has proven faithful to you in the past, then thank Him! View Resource