• The Limitations of Reason Media Resource by

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  • The Need & Mystery of Revelation Media Resource by

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  • Reason & Revelation Media Resource by

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  • Being and Transcendence Media Resource by

    Is it necessary to look outside the universe to find the origin of the universe? Listen as Dr. Sproul explains the irrationality of believing in an uncreated universe. View Resource

  • Logical Inference Media Resource by

    Who defined the laws of logic, and what benefit does it have for the Christian? Hear Dr. Sproul explain how logical inferences and other tools of reason affect our understanding of Scripture. View Resource

  • Two Kinds of Being Media Resource by

    There are only two kinds of beings in existence today. One of them is not necessary. Which kind are you? Listen as Dr. Sproul explains the fundamental difference between “Two Kinds of Beings” View Resource

  • The Bondage of Religion Media Resource by

    Continuing the study on the 19-century scholars, Dr. Sproul highlights the most famous of the critics of that time: Karl Marx. In “The Bondage of Religion,” Marx argued that religion was invented by the ruling classes to keep the masses under control. To maintain that control we introduce religion which teaches the necessity of the slave’s obedience to the master. View Resource

  • Creating God in Man’s Image Media Resource by

    Are our ideas of God and heaven the creation of an overactive imagination? Has man taken the ability of self-reflection and expression too far? The atheist thinks so. In this message, “Creating God in Man’s Image,” Dr. Sproul considers the thought of atheistic philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach. View Resource

  • A Time for Everything Media Resource by

    Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless” (Ecclesiastes 1:2). Ecclesiastes was written long ago, but the teacher’s message couldn’t be more relevant. His ancient voice of despair is echoed by countless intellectual and cultural elites in our era. Into this darkness the beauty of truth shines. In Themes from Ecclesiastes, Dr. Sproul lays open this difficult book, showing that while life “under the sun” is meaningless, life under God is truly and deeply meaningful. The conclusion? Right now counts forever. View Resource

  • Saving the Phenomena Media Resource by

    Through millennia, numerous philosophical and mathematical theories have attempted to explain the predictability of the physical universe. What does all of this have to do with salvation? Why would a Christian pay such close attention to the ever-changing world of science? In this message entitled “Saving the Phenomena,” Dr. Sproul helps us understand the need for Christians to understand the world God created. View Resource

  • Rudolf Bultmann Media Resource by

    As modern Christians celebrate Easter, how important is it that they believe there was actually a historical figure named Jesus who rose from the dead? Does someone actually have to rise from a literal grave for Christians to posses the Easter Faith of the early church? In this message, Dr. Sproul considers these questions as he examines the teachings of a very influential theologian of the twentieth century, “Rudolph Bultmann.”  View Resource