• Discovering Deuteronomy Teaching Series with W. Robert Godfrey

    Deuteronomy 1-34

    Deuteronomy is one of the most frequently quoted Old Testament books in the New Testament. So, why do modern Christians often overlook it? In this twenty-one-part teaching series, Dr. W. Robert Godfrey reveals the importance and value of studying Deuteronomy. Through an examination of the book’s structure and context, this series will help students better understand Deuteronomy’s coherent message. Discovering Deuteronomy connects the history, land, leaders, laws, and warnings of Deuteronomy to the New Testament and to modern life. In doing so, it highlights the relevance and usefulness of this foundational book. View Resource

  • God in Our Midst Teaching Series with Daniel Hyde

    Exodus 25-30

    How does an ancient tent in the wilderness of Sinai relate to our relationship with God? The description of the tabernacle, God’s Old Testament dwelling place, spans sixteen chapters of the Bible. Yet many of us pass over this extended description without understanding its significance. In this series, Rev. Daniel R. Hyde encourages us to consider this “tent of meeting” (Ex. 27:21). By studying the particulars of this first tabernacle, we will better understand Jesus, the One who dwelt, or “tabernacled,” among us (John 1:14). View Resource

  • Themes from Genesis Teaching Series with R.C. Sproul

    Genesis 1-50

    In this study of Genesis, R.C. Sproul considers the basic foundation of the Christian worldview, contrasting the biblical explanation of life’s meaning with that of the secularist. He also provides insights for Christian living through an examination of the patriarchs. View Resource

  • Themes from Deuteronomy Teaching Series with R.C. Sproul

    Deuteronomy 1-34

    The book of Deuteronomy is one of the most frequently cited books in the New Testament. But why? Why were the words of Deuteronomy so frequently on the lips of Jesus and the apostles? In this series, Dr. Sproul answers these questions and more, tracing the major themes of Deuteronomy and explaining why the words of this book should be on our lips as well. View Resource