• Seeking Forgiveness Article by Erik Raymond

    FROM TABLETALK | June 2017

    One humorous privilege dog owners enjoy is watching their pet respond to unfamiliar sounds. It’s almost impossible not to laugh when you see a dog cock its head to the side and stare with confused curiosity. These foreign sounds have a way of arresting a dog and captivating its attention. When I read through the gospel narratives, I can’t help but imagine a number of captivated and curious hearers when Jesus explained God’s Word to them. In the familiar section of Scripture called the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus walks through a number a Bible verses that His hearers knew … View Resource

  • Divinely Instituted Sacraments Article by R. Scott Clark

    FROM TABLETALK | October 2016

    One is sometimes left with the impression from defenders of Roman Catholicism, newscasters, and even docents in British and European cathedrals that the Reformation crept into the church and stole five ancient sacraments when no one was looking. This is quite untrue. It was not until the late thirteenth century that there was a formal recognition of anything like what we know today as the Roman Catholic sacramental system. The cup was capriciously and tyrannically withheld from the laity in 1281 at the Council of Lambeth and again at the Council of Constance (1415). While withholding the cup, Rome conceded … View Resource

  • When Not to Take Communion Article by Anthony Carter

    FROM TABLETALK | April 2015

    When I was growing up, I did not like going to church. For a young boy in a rural town, church was boring, long, and filled with old, stodgy people singing old, stodgy songs. I would have rather been playing and watching football. However, there was one Sunday out of every month in which I did look forward to church—the first Sunday. The first Sunday was communion Sunday. The mothers (older women) of the church would dress in all white. The pastor would wear his white robe. The communion table, normally bare, would be draped in a white cloth under … View Resource

  • We Believe the Bible and You Do Not Article by Keith Mathison

    FROM TABLETALK | October 2010

    Not too long ago, in an effort to get a better grasp of the Lutheran doctrine of the Lord’s Supper, I was reading the chapters on the sacraments in Francis Pieper’s Christian Dogmatics, and I ran across this statement: “The difference between the Lutheran Church and the Reformed in the doctrine of Baptism is fully and adequately defined by saying that the former believes God’s Word regarding Baptism, the latter not” (vol. 3, p. 269). View Resource

  • Word and Sacrament in Worship Article by Kim Riddlebarger

    FROM TABLETALK | January 2005

    In those fundamentalist churches in which I was raised, most Sunday mornings the minister preached from a well-worn Bible, told a few stories to illustrate his point and then reminded us that Jesus is our only hope of heaven. But every service ended the same way, with an altar call. Those who heard the message and were convicted of their sins were invited to come forward and speak with the minister, who would ask those brave enough to repeat the sinner’s prayer and thereby be assured of God’s favor toward them. Sometimes church members would go forward, which was always … View Resource