• The New Perspectives on Paul (Part 1) by

    D.A. Carson examines the New Perspectives on Paul in this first of three lectures.

  • The Challenge of the New Perspective to Biblical Justification by

    Albert Mohler interviews John Piper and Ligon Duncan on the topic of justification by faith and the New Perspective on Paul (August 2009).

  • Assessing the Piper-Wright Debate on Justification by

    Denny Burk leads a panel discussion at Boyce College on the subject of N.T. Wright’s new book Justification: God’s Plan & Paul’s Vision (April 2009). Denny Burk is joined by SBTS professors Tom Schreiner, Mark Seifrid, and Brian Vickers.

  • Theology Matters: Peace with God by

    Why does the believer in Christ not fear the wrath that is justly due to his or her sins? James White from Alpha and Omega Ministries examines this question.

  • N.T. Wright and the Doctrine of Justification: Panel Discussion by

    In this audio file, Albert Mohler leads a panel discussion at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with professors Tom Schreiner, Mark Seifrid, Denny Burk, and Brian Vickers on N.T. Wright and the Doctrine of Justification (September 2009).

  • Justification By Faith Alone by

  • Peace with God by

    If you are a justified sinner in the eyes of God, you have a peace that can never be breeched. But if you are not justified before God, then you are in a war. Where do you stand? Dr. Sproul …

  • Questions & Answers by ,

    What was the status of the church before the Reformation? Is the doctrine of justification by faith alone a new idea in the church? How are Old Testament Jews justified before God? These are just some of the questions that …

  • By Faith, or By Faith Alone? by

    If we were truly saved by faith alone, wouldn’t the Bible use the term faith alone? If that phrase isn’t in the Bible, then why are the protestant Reformers always teaching this concept? In “By Faith, or Faith Alone …

  • The Carnal Christian by

    Do works produce faith, or is it the other way around? There are many who have confused the order of things concerning faith, justification, and works. In “The Carnal Christian,” Dr. Sproul addresses this problem and helps us understand the …

  • Synthetic Justification by

    What kind of justification do you have? Chances are you may have never even considered what kind of justification you possess. In this message, Dr. Sproul explains the different kinds of justification, and the type that you need.

  • The Remission of Sins by

    When God sets His holy gaze into the hearts of men, He sees sin and wickedness embedded deep in us. What can possibly remedy the effects of this plague on our souls? When the filth of sin has stained your …

  • The Essentials of Biblical Faith by

    The question isn’t ‘how much faith does a person need to be saved?’ but is ‘what kind of faith does a person need to be saved?’ And the answer is rather simple: Biblical faith. Continuing this study on …

  • The Means of Salvation by

    What has caused your salvation? How were the benefits of Christ’s work on the cross applied to you? Through what means does God use to accomplish his plan of salvation? Dr. Sproul discusses these questions in “The Means of …

  • By Christ Alone by

    Can good works save you from your sins? Of course they can. Although there is no good work a sinner can do that deserves merit from God, there is One whose work does deserve merit. And it is because of …