• Grasping for Power Devotional

    Matthew 20:21

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  • Are You Open to Correction? Devotional

    Proverbs 15:31

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  • Humble Speech Devotional

    Luke 17:10

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  • Christ Increasing Devotional

    John 3:22–30

    Christianity proclaims that the way up is the way down. We are to humble ourselves before God and to serve others. The Lord takes note of such humility and promises to finally exalt His humble servants. The acclaim we receive from Him on that final day will be far greater than any acclaim we might receive from other people on this side of glory. View Resource

  • Christian Men in the Church Devotional

    John 19:5

    As the only man who never sinned (1 Peter 2:22), Jesus is the supreme example of what it means to be a man, and all men would do well to live after the pattern of His life, relying upon the power of the Holy Spirit to have Scripture define godly masculinity. Men are well-served by developing close relationships with other men in their congregations, and wives should be doing all they can to support this so that their husbands might learn from other godly men. View Resource

  • Avoiding Improper Judgments Devotional

    Matthew 7:1–6

    John Calvin says that the one “who judges according to the word and law of the Lord, and forms his judgment by the rule of charity, always begins with subjecting himself to examination, and preserves a proper medium and order in his judgments.” No earthly judge is perfect, but we can make judgments without hypocrisy if we live a life of repentance and endeavor to mortify our own sin. Are you more critical of others than you are of yourself? View Resource

  • You Who Are Younger Devotional

    1 Peter 5:5

    Are you submissive to the elders in the church? Do you follow their leadership even when they do something you do not like, or do you seek opportunities to undermine their authority? Do you pretend to find sin in all they do so that you do not have to follow them? What about your relationships with others in the church? Do you treat others with humble love or look down upon fellow Christians? Find a way to serve both your elders and others with humility today. View Resource

  • The Path to Exaltation Devotional

    James 4:9–10

    God promises to exalt us one day and make us to reign with Christ (2 Tim. 2:12; Rev. 20:4). However, this exaltation does not come as the result of the exertion of our own power, but results from humility. Only those who submit to God humbly, admitting that He alone has authority over us, will enjoy this exaltation. We submit to this authority by repenting of our sin, all of which seeks to usurp God’s rightful rule over us. Therefore, humble yourself in repentance today. View Resource