• Assurance and Conviction Devotional

    Hebrews 11:1-2

    As we have seen, biblical faith is not naive wish fulfillment that believes in something just because it makes us feel better. Neither does it involve believing despite the evidence. Instead, biblical faith is confident trust in an objective but unseen reality for which there is much evidence. Christians have grounds to believe what they believe, and therefore we are not being irrational to believe in God and His raising of Jesus from the dead. View Resource

  • Casting out Demons Devotional

    Mark 1:23-18

    As Romans 8:19–21 indicates, the salvation that Jesus brings will encompass even the physical order. That cannot happen, however, until Christ deals with the evil powers that hold creation hostage. Jesus dealt the decisive blow of victory on the cross, and now He sets people free from the devil’s tyranny as the gospel goes forth. We are called to pray for this gospel to succeed wherever it goes that God’s elect will be freed to serve Him in gladness. View Resource

  • Defining the Gospel Devotional

    Matthew 24:14

    Ultimately, there are only two possible kingdoms where we can hold citizenship. We can hold citizenship in the kingdom of this world and experience eternal death, or we can be citizens of the kingdom of God and live in His glorious presence forever. We become citizens of God’s kingdom only by trusting in Christ. With whom will you share this message today? View Resource

  • The Disobedient Leper Devotional

    Mark 1:40-45

    Our Lord’s grace and compassion is also seen in His reaction to the leprous man. Some manuscripts of Mark 1:41 state that Jesus was moved by anger, not pity. Dr. R.C. Sproul explains our Lord’s anger: “He was filled with a righteous indignation against the ravages of the fallen world, such as disease. He hated disease, but He cared for the person afflicted by the disease.” Christ hates what sin has done to His creation, and He is full of compassion for those who suffer the effects of the fall. View Resource

  • The Faith of the Friends Devotional

    Mark 2:1-5

    John Calvin comments that the paralytic’s friends “would never have submitted to so much trouble, nor contended with such formidable hindrances, if they had not derived courage from entire confidence of success. The fruit of their faith appeared in their not being wearied out when they found the entrance closed up on all sides.” These men were so sure of Jesus’ ability that they would stop at nothing to see Him. May we pursue our Savior with such fervent faith. View Resource

  • The Forerunner’s Message Devotional

    Mark 1:7-8

    The contrast between John’s water baptism and the baptism of the Holy Spirit also points to the fact that water baptism is insufficient if it is merely an outward rite that is not accompanied by true faith. What really matters is Spirit baptism—not a second blessing of the Holy Spirit after a first baptism in water but the sovereign work of the Spirit in changing our hearts and granting us faith. That is the only kind of baptism that will save. Have you received it? View Resource

  • Forgiveness and Healing Devotional

    Mark 2:6-12

    Forgiveness is our greatest need. Disease, depression, sorrow, poverty, injustice, and all other ills are true needs; ultimately, however, all these ills exist because sin has corrupted creation. Not all of our problems are caused by our specific sins, but all of them are due to the fact that we live in a fallen world and suffer from sin’s corruption. If we are not saved from our sins, any fix to these problems is temporary and hell awaits us. Have you trusted in Christ for the forgiveness of your sins? View Resource

  • Fourteen Generations Devotional

    Matthew 1:12–17

    We are not yet certain why Matthew’s genealogy differs from Luke’s, but this ought not cause confusion. Scripture has been proven trustworthy time and again, and differences such as these cannot be contradictions (Heb. 6:18). Thus, our inability to answer every single question about the Bible is nothing to fear. It is not wrong to admit the limitations of our knowledge, for we rest upon and submit to the knowledge of God revealed in His Word. View Resource

  • From Abraham to Exile Devotional

    Matthew 1:2–11

    Not every ancestor of Jesus trusted in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Still, the Lord’s grace overcame what could be called “impossible” odds in working through the sinful sons of David to bring about our salvation. This grace seeks out even the most wicked person and calls God’s chosen to repentance, even if they are as vile as Manasseh or as lost as Rahab. Our status as Christ’s brothers and sisters (Heb. 2:11) comes only by such almighty grace. View Resource

  • The Fulfillment of Prophecy Devotional

    Mark 1:2-3

    Many believers neglect to study the Old Testament because they find it confusing or because they assume that it is less important to the Christian faith than the New Testament. As Mark’s gospel shows us, however, this is not the case. We cannot understand Jesus or His gospel without a proper grounding in the Old Testament Scriptures. Thus, it is important for us to read and study the whole counsel of God. Let us not neglect the study of either testament. View Resource

  • The Greatest Commandments Devotional

    Mark 12:28–31

    Dr. R.C. Sproul also writes in his Mark commentary, “We do not really progress in the Christian life until we understand that we are to love God simply because He is lovely and wonderful, worthy of every creature’s unqualified affection.” Love for God on account of who He is in Himself is the highest form of love that creatures can show. Let us pray that the Lord would give us such love for Him. View Resource

  • Healings in Capernaum Devotional

    Mark 1:29-34

    Several biblical texts show us God’s sovereignty in revealing Himself. Our Creator does not show Himself on demand; rather, He chooses to reveal Himself and His purposes when He sees fit. This happened during Jesus’ ministry when He would not let others speak of Him. It happens today, as God chooses when and where to reveal His salvation to His elect and call them to faith through His Word. God is wise in how He reveals Himself, so let us not demand that He act on our timetable. View Resource

  • Jesus’ Baptism in the Jordan Devotional

    Mark 1:9-11

    Jesus not only died for us; He also lived for our sake. His death on the cross is meaningless without His perfect life of obedience that qualifies Him as the spotless Lamb of God and attains the righteousness for believers that we could never attain for ourselves. Jesus has done what we cannot do, so we can be confident of our salvation if we trust in Him. God the Father sees us in Christ, His Son who never failed, so He cannot cast us out of His kingdom if we receive and rest on Christ alone. View Resource

  • Jesus Calls His First Disciples Devotional

    Mark 1:16-20

    God has called elders, teachers, and other Christian leaders to be fishers of men—to prepare men and women for judgment day by calling them to repentance and instructing them in biblical truth. However, while ordained church officers have a special role to play in this, the task of calling people to repentance and faith so that they can stand before God unafraid is given to all Christians to fulfill, insofar as they are able, wherever they are (Matt. 28:18–20). View Resource

  • Jesus Preaches the Gospel Devotional

    Mark 1:14-15

    The gospel is not a message that “you can have your best life now”; that “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life”; or that you must “ask Jesus into your heart.” Some of these statements may be true if qualified properly, but none of them is the gospel. The gospel is Jesus Christ—who He is and what He has done. If we are not preaching that, we are not preaching the gospel. View Resource