• Church Membership, Part 2 Media Resource by

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  • Church Membership, Part 1 Media Resource by

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  • Reasons to Join a Church Media Resource by

    Hebrews 10:23-27

    If you want to be a healthy Christian, you need to be a part of a healthy church. In this lesson, Dr. Dever gives reasons to join a local church—a practice that is obligatory for the Christian and has served as the pattern for Christians since the first century. View Resource

  • Membership Media Resource by

    Hebrews 13:17

    Membership in a local church is a prerequisite for fulfilling our obligations to one another. In this lesson, Dr. Leeman defines church membership and connects it to the responsibility of the individual and the church to all that God commands. View Resource

  • The Mother of God’s Children Media Resource by

    Is it possible to have a personal relationship with Jesus and not be a member of an organized church? Some say that the Bible doesn’t actually command them to go to church. But is that true? What does the Bible teach about the church? In this message, Dr. Sproul explains the scriptural basis for being an active member in the body of Christ. View Resource

  • Wheat, Tares, and Waiting for the Harvest Media Resource by

    Are you a part of the visible church or the invisible church? Are there two churches? How does this harmonize with the Apostles’ Creed that says this church is one? In this message, Dr. Sproul gives us another description of the church that needs clarification as he explains the difference concerning the church visible and the church invisible. View Resource

  • When to Leave a Church Media Resource by

    People leave churches all the time. But too often, people leave their church for reasons that have no biblical or theological basis. But is there a biblical or theological reason when Christians may leave there church? Is there ever a reason they must leave their church? Dr. Sproul thinks about this in this message, “When to Leave a Church.” View Resource

  • The Marks of a True Church Media Resource by

    What are the marks of a true church? Does the amount of problems found in a church justify leaving? When is it really time to say good-bye to our church? And when we do leave, what qualifications do we look for in the next church? In “The Marks of a True Church,” Dr. Sproul gives us some objective standards to measure a church, and looks at not only when we may leave, but when we must. View Resource