• How can Christians continue to minister to one another when large gatherings present a health risk? Question and Answer

    Mark 12:31

    FERGUSON: I never thought I would ever say, “Praise God for technology,” but my wife told me yesterday that our son, who is a minister of a smaller congregation, set up a YouTube channel for the congregation to have their midweek prayer service. It’s a small church without resources that other churches have. Amazingly, God has given us ways and means that no other generation has had for such a time as this. Other generations have known much, much worse than this and never had the technology. When H.B. Charles was talking about waking up with the congregation on his … View Resource

  • What can the “Young, Restless, and Reformed” movement learn from the historic Reformation? Question and Answer

    That’s a big question, and there’s a great complexity to the answer. One thing we need to always keep in mind is that truth is never a fad. When God’s truth goes out, it never returns void. It always goes forth and accomplishes precisely what God has intended. We need to be grateful for God’s truth going forth to the young, to the aged—to all. We need to contend for that truth, continue to proclaim that truth, and be grateful for the truth of the Lord going forth. We need to be faithful in cultivating that truth and discipling the … View Resource

  • How do you carry out discipleship and evangelism in your church? Question and Answer

    Matthew 28:18-20

    First of all, we are an unapologetically preaching and teaching church. That is the starting place for us, and it’s key to the disciple-making process. The Great Commission teaches us that we are to go and make disciples of all the nations, then mark them as disciples by baptizing them, and then after that, it’s just one long process of “teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you” (Matt. 28:18–20). There are a lot of things that churches get involved in to draw crowds, but to make disciples there must be a heavy emphasis on teaching the Word … View Resource