• Certain of the Truth Article by Mark Dever

    July fourth is the anniversary of the United States’ Declaration of Independence, and we Americans are pretty good about remembering the date. But as Christians, there are other anniversaries to remember that could inform us, encourage us, and maybe even help us in living our own Christian lives. Here’s one for this month. He “fell flat to the ground, making his prayers to Almighty God. Then rising he went to the stake, and there suffered … joyfully and constantly.” That’s how John Foxe describes the death by burning that John Bradford endured 450 years ago this very month. Bradford was … View Resource

  • From Geneva to Nashville Article by Luder Whitlock Jr.

    FROM TABLETALK | April 1995

    The last Reformed study Bible, with explanatory comments in the margins or at the bottom of the page, was the Geneva Bible, a product of the Reformation. As Dr. Nicole has shown, it was produced by John Knox and others influenced by Calvin at Geneva and became the Bible of the Puritans. Its influence was widespread and profound; its legacy enduring. Eventually it fell from use, supplanted by the King James Version. For years there has been a recognized need for a new Reformed study Bible to replace the role filled earlier by the Geneva Bible. Since my seminary days … View Resource