• What would you say to someone who still doubts his salvation after seeing its fruit in his life? Question and Answer

    James 4:8

    One of the great masters of the spiritual life answered this question in this way: “Make sure for every look you take at yourself and your need, take ten looks at Christ.” At the end of the day, we don’t find the grounds of our salvation or assurance in ourselves or our own experience but in Jesus Christ. You need to hold on to the promises that God has given you. For example, here’s a promise in the book of James: “You draw near to Me, and I will draw near to you” (James 4:8). Hold on to that promise … View Resource

  • How do I know I am truly a Christian when I constantly struggle with sin? Question and Answer

    John 3:36

    One thing I would recommend is to read 1 John. In many ways, 1 John was written exactly for this question of assurance. There are a number of things we are told in 1 John, and one principle is very clear: whoever believes in the Son has eternal life. It is the object of faith that is the basis of your salvation, not the extent of your faith, not the intensity of your faith, and not the sincerity of your faith. It is faith in Jesus Christ that saves, not the faith itself. First John is going to point to … View Resource

  • Am I not elect because I don’t know the moment I was born again? Question and Answer

    LAWSON: The issue is right now, at this moment, Are you saved or are you not saved? There are some people who cannot pinpoint exactly when they were converted. One reason might be that they were sitting under such shallow preaching that they weren’t receiving enough of the truth to have a strong enough sense to evaluate their own experience. Someone can be saved—and many people are saved—who cannot pinpoint that exact moment. At the same time, there are people who pinpoint an exact moment who still are not saved. They are deceived about their past. They walked forward when … View Resource

  • How do I know if I am saved? Question and Answer

    You know that you’re saved because salvation begins to appear in your life. You desire new and different things. The law of God that you regarded as an enemy and an irritation becomes a friend, and you want to keep it. You want to please Christ rather than let Him down. All of these are very simple things. You begin to love the people who love the Lord Jesus. These are the kinds of things that 1 John speaks about. A good exercise would be to go to 1 John, which speaks about our relationship to Christ, our new relationship … View Resource

  • How can I obtain assurance of salvation? Question and Answer

    There are a lot of people who struggle with doubt, and there are several reasons. Firstly, some people don’t know enough about the doctrine of salvation to understand that it gives built-in security, so they need a more biblical understanding of salvation. There are a lot of people who minimize doctrine, but the very foundation of a believer’s security is a full understanding of the doctrine of salvation. You can dismiss penal substitution, or you can believe it and have the foundation laid for understanding that your salvation is eternal. Secondly, I think people doubt their salvation because they are … View Resource

  • Am I really a Christian if I don’t feel any different? Question and Answer

    Romans 10:9

    I haven’t written a book like this, but I’ve often thought about writing a book called The Sensuous Christian, describing one who lives and dies by his feelings. It doesn’t matter what you feel—if you’re forgiven by Christ, that’s an objective state of affairs. If you’ve confessed your sins, God has promised to forgive you for your sins. If you confess your sins, then your sins are forgiven. It doesn’t matter how you feel. You may still feel guilty. Conversely, let’s say someone commits a crime, goes to the courtroom, and the judge asks, “How do you plead?” Then the … View Resource

  • Can I know that I am saved? Question and Answer

    Matthew 7:21-23

    The question of assurance is one of the biggest questions for many Christians. I dealt with that with an older saint this past Sunday evening. After the sermon, we spent some time together talking. We had a wonderful conversation really struggling with that question. This question that many Christians ask was a question I asked for many years of my life, and I couldn’t find a good resource on it. I couldn’t find something helpful that dealt with the theology of assurance. So, I put together a little book with some friends, to which Dr. Sproul wrote the forward, called … View Resource

  • Can a person be 100% sure of his or her salvation? Question and Answer

    When you talk about “100% sure,” you are asking me if I think something is the case. And I could answer that question in a multitude of different ways. I can say to you, “No.” I could say, “I don’t think so.” I could say, “Absolutely not.” Or I could say, “Yes, maybe,” “I hope so,” or, “I think so.” Or, I can say, “Absolutely certainly.” Those responses indicate various degrees of certainty that are associated with a particular question. And when you ask me the question, “Can a person be 100% sure of their salvation?” I don’t know how … View Resource

  • How do I know that I am elect? How do I know my faith is genuine? Question and Answer

    Ephesians 1:3-4

    The way in which we come to know our election is through faith in Christ. So we must never try to bypass Jesus Christ, because, for example, as Paul says in Ephesians 1, we are chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world (Eph. 1:3-4). So, often, I think we need to say to people, “Instead of trying to go directly to your election you need to go directly to Jesus Christ.” And when you come to Christ, there is a kind of confidence that you find in Christ that He has embraced you and that you are His. … View Resource

  • How can I be assured that I am among the chosen? Question and Answer

    Acts 16:31

    HAMILTON: Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. SPROUL: Now the problem is complicated because we have four kinds of people: people who aren’t saved and know that they aren’t saved, people who aren’t saved and don’t know that they aren’t saved, people who are saved and know that they are saved, and people who are unsaved who know that they are saved. That’s where the problem comes in, because you have all kinds of people who have an assurance of salvation illegitimately. Because they don’t understand what salvation requires. Maybe somebody taught them if you raise your hand in an … View Resource