• Satan in Disguise Devotional

    2 Corinthians 11:12–15

    The good news of the gospel is that God does not lay our sins to our account when we trust only in Christ for salvation. That doesn’t mean our sin cannot disrupt fellowship with our Creator. It does mean that if we have sinned, we need not fear to ask His pardon. He will forgive us, and if we are in Christ, we can be sure that He will keep us safe before Him forever. View Resource

  • Our Prowling Adversary Devotional

    1 Peter 5:8-9

    Since Satan’s favorite weapon against us is deceit, the only way to counter him is with the truth. That is one reason why it is so important for us to be armed with a sound knowledge of Scripture, which is the very truth of God Himself. As our minds are renewed through the study of the Lord’s Word, we are prepared to succeed in spiritual warfare against the devil. View Resource

  • The Worship of Angels? Devotional

    Revelation 22:8-9

    As Protestants, we might not be tempted to pray to angels, but we must be on guard against the idolatrous ideas that may creep into our own thinking. Maybe we start trusting angels, ever so slightly, to preserve us and forget about trusting the Lord. Perhaps we think what God’s Word says about angels is not enough, so we form our beliefs about these creatures based on other sources as well. Let us watch out for these and other forms of idolatry. View Resource

  • Spirits Who Minister Devotional

    Hebrews 1:13-14

    There are many other ways that angels minister to the people of God, but the key point is that our Lord uses these beings for our benefit. His love is so great that He sends powerful creatures to minister to us in ways that we are not even aware of at times. If you are doubting God’s love this day, know that His use of angels in your behalf shows His great affection for you if you are in Christ. View Resource

  • Message-Bearers Devotional

    Luke 1:5-38

    The pattern of Gabriel’s bringing a message directly to Zechariah and Mary shows that angels speak to God’s people at decisive points in redemptive history. Since the next decisive point in salvation history will be the return of Christ, we should not expect angels to visit us with any messages. Instead, we rely on the all-sufficient Word of God to guide us into all truth (2 Tim. 3:16–17; Heb. 1:1). View Resource

  • The Armor of God Devotional

    Ephesians 6:10–13

    John Calvin comments, “There will be no danger which may not be successfully met by the power of God; nor will any who, with [the armor of God], fight against Satan, fail in the day of battle.” Daily we are to remember our identity in Christ, putting on His graces and casting off our rebellious impulses that we possess in Adam. In doing so, we are guaranteed success in our spiritual conflicts and are assured of a hero’s welcome in glory. View Resource

  • Michael, A Chief Prince Devotional

    Daniel 10

    There is indeed a war going on in the heavens, so we should not be naive about the enemies we face. Still, we can be confident that the hands of God envelop us, and so we should ask Him to deliver us and to give His Word success when we are proclaiming it to people. Let us place the weight of emphasis on the Lord and His abilities and not on Satan’s capabilities, for they are nothing in comparison to the power of God. View Resource

  • The Host of Heaven Devotional

    Isaiah 6:1-3

    There are many privileges that come with serving the Lord, one of which is knowing that He has appointed true angels to watch over us (Ps. 91:11–12). We are not guarded by the chubby little creatures with tiny wings that often appear in popular artwork; rather, we are protected by mighty beings who derive their strength from His hand. Our Lord has not abandoned us, having appointed the heavenly host to fight on our behalf. View Resource

  • Commander of the Lord’s Army Devotional

    Joshua 5:13-15

    Even believers can presume that God is on their side on a particular issue without due consideration. Though he was not an evangelical, Abraham Lincoln’s famous words can serve us well here: “My concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.” Unless our goals and positions are grounded in Scripture, we cannot reasonably expect the Lord to fight for us. View Resource

  • Victory over Satan Devotional

    Luke 10:17–20

    Are you afraid of the Devil? He is a mighty foe, but we have been given the mighty sword of the Word of God that has “divine power to destroy strongholds” (2 Cor. 10:4). We wage war against Satan by praying for our enemies and recalling the promises and warnings of Scripture that keep us from evil. Let us always remember the authority we have in Christ by His Spirit and be comforted that Satan’s worst is no match for our Father’s love. View Resource

  • God’s Devil Devotional

    1 Chronicles 21

    God is much greater than we are, so He is able to do things that we could never do, such as being sovereign over the Devil without ever being guilty of the Devil’s evil. Knowledge of this truth should not only move us to glorify the Lord but also to be confident that every tragedy we meet will serve a good purpose when all is said and done. If you are going through a difficult time, know that God is using it for your good even if you cannot yet see how. View Resource

  • The Crafty Serpent Devotional

    Genesis 3:1–5

    God has bound us to His law in order that we might experience true freedom (James 1:25). Despite what we are told every day, the commandments of the Lord are not given to make us miserable but to show us how to fulfill the purpose for which we were created, which is the only way we can find lasting pleasure. Do you love the law of God? Where have you thought that you know better than Him? View Resource

  • The Devil Devotional

    Zechariah 3:1–5

    Dr. R.C. Sproul defines true repentance in Essential Truths of the Christian Faith (pp. 193–194). Authentic repentance is sorrow for breaking God’s law, not only because we fear hell. It also involves a resolve to turn from sin and, where possible, the making of restitution, though never in an attempt to earn forgiveness. If all this is habitual in our lives, we can be assured that Satan’s accusations against us cannot stand. Of what do you need to repent this day? View Resource

  • The Angel of Light Devotional

    2 Corinthians 11:14–15

    Today we can rejoice because the accuser of the brethren has been cast down and defeated (Rev. 12:7–12). Even though he rages on the earth because he knows his time is short, none of his charges can ever stick against those in Christ because we have been declared righteous in Him. If you feel as if God cannot forgive you for the things you have done, then your view of God is not biblical. He can and does pardon all those who repent and trust Jesus alone. View Resource

  • The Adversary Devotional

    1 Peter 5:8–9

    It is unlikely that Satan himself comes after us directly, for he is not omnipresent and can only go after one person at a time. He himself probably goes after targets who have great influence over the world and church, while he sends his evil minions after the entire church. But we can defeat the Devil when we trust in the power of the Holy Spirit, who prompts us to flee temptation and believe what God says, not Satan’s lies. View Resource