• Here I Stand Media Resource by

    In every generation, new attacks on the veracity of Scripture arise, and the church faces a choice. Will she stand firm on the inspired Word of God, or will she capitulate to the Spirit of the Age? In this message, Dr. Steven Lawson explains why the church must never compromise her commitment to the inspired and inerrant Word of God, but rather remain firm in the face of all challenges. View Resource

  • OPTIONAL SESSION: The Heroic Boldness of Martin Luther Media Resource by

    In this session on The Heroic Boldness of Martin Luther, Dr. Steven J. Lawson shows the convictions and practices that fed Luther’s pulpit boldness, providing an example for all preachers in a day when truth once more is in decline. View Resource

  • A Permanent Birth Media Resource by

    John 3:3-5

    Ironically, we can become so afraid of losing something that we no longer fully enjoy having it. This is true in both everyday affairs and in spiritual matters. People will sometimes keep a prized possession out of harm’s way to such an extent that they no longer use it or enjoy it. Fortunately, Christians can rejoice in the knowledge that the forgiveness of sins, their relationship with God, and their eternal hope can never be taken away. Few truths are as beautiful as God’s promise that those who are born again receive a permanent birth and can never lose their … View Resource

  • A Cleansing Birth Media Resource by

    John 3:5

    God’s redemptive purpose is to transform the entire person into the image of Jesus Christ. Because humanity’s fall into sin has had a pervasive polluting effect upon human nature, God’s grace also extends to every part of the inner self, making the regenerate person into a new creation. A crucial aspect of the new birth, therefore, is the Holy Spirit’s act of cleansing a sinner. All ungodliness is washed away and replaced with a genuine hunger for God. In this lecture, Dr. Lawson will examine the Bible’s teachings about the profound spiritual cleansing that people experience at the new birth. View Resource

  • A Comprehensive Birth Media Resource by

    John 3:3

    The human need for regeneration arises from more than the need for forgiveness of sins. As a result of the fall, humans are totally depraved. This does not mean that every person is as evil as he or she could possibly be, but rather that all of human nature and personhood has been corrupted by sin. Because the effects of sin are comprehensive, God’s regeneration of a sinner must also be comprehensive. God’s purpose in redemption is not just to forgive the sins of His people, but also to give them new hearts and make them into new creatures. For … View Resource

  • A Monergistic Birth Media Resource by

    John 3:3-16

    The previous lesson discussed God’s sovereignty in bringing about the new birth. As we examine what Scripture says about the way that God sovereignly works in bringing a person to faith, we encounter the truth that the new birth is not a collaborative effort between God and us. In this lecture, Dr. Lawson will survey several passages that describe the new birth, and he will demonstrate that the new birth is solely the result of God’s initiative and work. In other words, the new birth is a monergistic birth. View Resource

  • A Promised Birth Media Resource by

    John 3:9-10

    As John’s gospel shows, Nicodemus was taken utterly off guard by Jesus’ teachings about the new birth. A natural response might have been to ask Jesus where He had come up with these peculiar ideas about grown men being born a second time. However, Jesus’ response implied that any person who had read the Old Testament should have readily understood the need for new birth. In this lecture, Dr. Lawson will show that the concept of a new birth was nothing new in Jesus’ day. Long before, God had promised His people that a day was coming when He would … View Resource

  • A Saving Birth Media Resource by

    John 3:16-18

    Although the doctrine of salvation is an important topic of discussion among Christians, there is an alarming amount of disagreement regarding what the Bible actually teaches about salvation. One area of confusion concerns why salvation is necessary at all. Although evangelicals proclaim that we must be saved, very few people specify what it is that we must be saved from. Another area of confusion concerns the way that sinners receive salvation. Throughout church history, the biblical doctrine of salvation by faith alone has often been trivialized and marginalized by efforts to promote salvation through human effort. Confusion also exists about … View Resource

  • A Sovereign Birth Media Resource by

    John 3:8

    Contemporary culture prizes independence and autonomy. The spirit of the day is one of self-determination and personal fulfillment, in which all people—at least in theory—are free to go where they please, do what they want, be who they want to be, and make their own decisions. Against this backdrop, the words of Jesus in John 3 are shocking. One of the most striking features of the imagery of new birth is the utter helplessness of the person being born. By describing the event of coming to faith as new birth, Jesus makes it clear that the initiative comes entirely from … View Resource

  • A Transforming Birth Media Resource by

    John 3:3

    When God saves a sinner from His wrath and curse, He creates a new person. Yet, we will never be completely sinless in this life; in fact, sometimes it can feel like we are getting worse. As we grow in our love for God and our understanding of His holy nature, we become more profoundly aware of the depths of our sinfulness. However, this growing awareness of and grief for our sin indicates that a breathtaking transformation has already taken place within our hearts, minds, and wills. The forgiven sinner is liberated from patterns of sinful behavior and is conformed … View Resource

  • An Instantaneous Birth Media Resource by

    John 3:3-5

    One of the most mysterious aspects of the new birth is the instantaneous way in which the Holy Spirit brings it about. For some people, new birth has been an instant transformation; individuals who have long been hostile or indifferent to God suddenly find themselves responding to the Gospel as new creatures. For others, the moment of being born again might be the culmination of a long and gradual journey toward the Savior. In either case, there comes a decisive moment when the sinner passes from death to life and from judgment to salvation. Dr. Lawson will explore the instantaneous … View Resource

  • A Necessary Birth Media Resource by

    John 3:1-7

    In this lecture, Dr. Steve Lawson will begin to expound what the Bible says about spiritual birth. As we begin this study, Scripture confronts us with the reality that being born again is the necessary gateway to the kingdom of God. View Resource

  • A Scriptural Birth Media Resource by

    John 3:2-7

    Words carry power. When an idea is articulately expressed in words, it possesses the ability both to persuade and to call people to action. In fact, the well-known expression “the pen is mightier than the sword” is a tribute to the difference that words can make. History recounts how certain people, through passionate speeches or bold writings, have influenced the world around them in noteworthy ways. The Word of God, however, wields a power that is unrivaled by any form of human communication. As an account of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, the Bible calls its hearers and readers … View Resource

  • A Supernatural Birth Media Resource by

    John 3:3-7

    In current times, we may associate the term “supernatural” with many different things. In pop culture, the word “supernatural” might evoke thoughts of fairy tales, mythology, science fiction movies, or other stories where the realities that govern our daily existence do not seem to apply. In Christian circles, “supernatural” brings to mind deep spiritual truths about the Christian life. However, we may rarely think about the fact that our own experience of coming to faith has profoundly supernatural origins. In this lecture, Dr. Lawson will explain how Scripture presents the Christian’s new birth as a supernatural event. View Resource

  • Against Our Own Sin Media Resource by

    The Russian novelist Alexander Solzhenitsyn once wrote: “The line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being.” As Christians, it is very easy to fall into the trap of seeing the enemy as “over there.” If we draw the lines clearly enough and build the walls high enough, we will be safe. Or so we think. We very easily forget that we war not only against the world and the devil, but also against our own sinful flesh. View Resource