• Rekindling the Flame Article by Starr Meade

    FROM TABLETALK | July 2012

    You never know what depths of sin and wickedness of hell are in your nature till you turn and start to walk the path that leads to God and Christ, the path that is paved with righteousness and truth, but bordered with grinning fiends and smiling serpents who stretch out hands to help the traitor in your soul,” said I. M. Haldeman. What threatens a heart aflame with love for God? When this column was introduced, Sinclair Ferguson wrote that one of the things it would explore would be ways in which a heart aflame with love for God can … View Resource

  • A Woman Richly Blessed Article by Starr Meade

    FROM TABLETALK | December 2005

    Imagine a contemporary teenage girl who becomes convinced, without a doubt, that God especially favors her. She knows God will bless her richly, beyond what any other woman ever has known. What does she expect that to mean? Surely God will provide romance for her, followed by a happily-ever-after marriage. There will be several healthy children, who will grow to successful adulthood and provide her with grandchildren some day. She will surely have all she needs of material possessions, and probably a little more — most likely, she’ll be able to do some traveling. Of course, since she is … View Resource