• Questions and Answers Media Resource by , , , ,

    A questions and answers session with Drs. Sinclair Ferguson, Stephen Nichols, Burk Parsons, R.C. Sproul, and Derek Thomas. Questions: Some speak of the Reformation as more something to be mourned, and that it’s a schismatic movement. So, would it be a more important response to the Reformation to mourn, or is it right to celebrate? (0:00) We often talk about recovering the Gospel. How was the Gospel lost in first place, and how can we avoid losing it again? (0:35) What are the differences between sins, inequities, and trespasses? (4:52) Do preachers, or pastors, have a higher importance than … View Resource

  • Finding Peace with God Media Resource by

    Romans 5:1

    The times may change, but the core question asked during the Reformation is the same one asked today: How can I find peace with God? This meditation addresses the peace we find when we realize that justification is by faith alone and how it is a central concern of our day. View Resource

  • Causes of Antinomianism Media Resource by

    Romans 7:24-25

    The assertion that all antinomians are fundamentally legalists may raise a certain level of suspicion, being that they appear to be so different. In this lesson, Dr. Ferguson reinforces this claim by examining the causes of antinomianism. View Resource

  • Cures for Antinomianism Media Resource by

    1 Corinthians 9:21

    The only cure for antinomianism is the gospel—nothing short of Jesus Christ. In this lesson, Dr. Ferguson explains our relationship to the law and discusses the gospel cure for antinomianism, which is found only in Christ and by the enabling power of the Holy Spirit. View Resource

  • Danger! Legalism Media Resource by

    Genesis 1-3

    Legalism is a problem as old as the garden of Eden. Even when God had only given one prohibition, it was being added to. In this lesson, Dr. Ferguson defines legalism and the underlying dangers that accompany a failure to see how God’s law is intimately connected to God’s character. View Resource

  • Faces of Antinomianism Media Resource by

    Romans 7:14-25

    The legalist and the antinomian are one and the same, in that they both operate out of a deeply ingrained misreading of God’s law and character. In this lesson, Dr. Ferguson looks at the different faces of antinomianism and their distinctive features. View Resource

  • Hindrances Strew All the Way” Media Resource by

    Romans 5:8

    The quest for assurance isn’t free of difficulties, so we need to be made aware of the obstacles along the way. In this lecture, Dr. Ferguson helps us anticipate the common snares that trip us up when we take our eyes off of Jesus Christ. View Resource

  • The Marrow of Assurance Media Resource by

    Isaiah 9:2

    Along with the free offer of the gospel, legalism, and antinomianism, assurance was the fourth issue that fueled the Marrow Controversy. In this lesson, Dr. Ferguson explains how assurance relates to the other concepts and how the church throughout the centuries has understood assurance of salvation. View Resource

  • The Order of Grace Media Resource by

    Luke 15

    To be sure, repentance is necessary for salvation, but to make it a condition for faith in Christ is a distortion of the gospel. In this lesson, Dr. Ferguson bridges a great divide in the Marrow Controversy: the relationship between repentance and faith. View Resource

  • Preparation, Distortion, Poison Media Resource by

    Romans 5:8

    There is nothing that can qualify someone to come to faith in Jesus Christ, a truth that is vital to grasp if one is to understand the Marrow Controversy. In this lesson, Dr. Ferguson highlights the distortions that rejecting this truth creates, including doubt concerning God’s love for us. View Resource

  • Suspicious Symptoms Media Resource by

    Luke 18:9-14

    Legalism, in order to be cured, must be diagnosed, and it cannot be diagnosed if we do not know its symptoms. In this lesson, Dr. Ferguson identifies the various symptoms of legalism using three well-known parables of Jesus. View Resource

  • Toward Assurance of Salvation Media Resource by

    1 John 5:13

    A question dear to every Christian’s heart is this: How do we grow in assurance? In this lesson, Dr. Ferguson examines how our understanding of justification and the Christian life leads to this question’s answer and thus prompts growth. View Resource

  • Grace in the Gospel Media Resource by

    Matthew 11:28

    The Marrow Controversy raised fundamental questions about the gospel, how it is to be presented, and what exactly it is. In this lesson, Dr. Ferguson clarifies the relationship between the doctrine of election and the free offer of the gospel. View Resource

  • How a Marrow Grew Media Resource by

    Ephesians 1:3-10

    Controversy erupted in eighteenth-century Scotland over the Auchterarder Creed and a work titled The Marrow of Modern Divinity. In this lesson, Dr. Ferguson recounts the history of this debate and its relevance for the Christian life. View Resource

  • International Panel Discussion Media Resource by , , , , ,

    On this panel, various international speakers discuss how God is working in their respective countries. They consider how reformation is taking place today and what the global future of the church may look like. Questions: What is the difference between the church in Scotland, and the church in America? (1:15) What does training for gospel ministry look like in the UK? (6:42) How is the exclusivity of Christ alone under attack in different cultural contexts? (11:38) How can the North American church and the global church better pray and serve each other? (29:35) Note: Answers given reflect the … View Resource