• Can We Know Truth? Media Resource by ,

    Emmanuel Kant said that if God exists, we can’t know it because of a wall that separates the world of the physical from the world of the metaphysical. Unfortunately many have fallen for this faulty reasoning. In this message entitled “Can We Know Truth?” Dr. Sproul and Dr. John Gerstner have a mock debate (Dr. Sproul arguing a position not his own) to test the truth claims of the Christian faith. View Resource

  • An Interview with Dr. Gerstner Media Resource by ,

    What was the occasion of your conversion? When did you have your first personal encounter with God? In this special message, Dr. Sproul and Dr. John Gerstner talk about Gerstner’s personal account, and his life as a Christian. View Resource

  • Is God or Man Sovereign? Media Resource by ,

    How do we reconcile God’s sovereignty with man’s free will? Unfortunately, many in the church have offered answers that do not stand up to logic. While many others have charged that either God’s sovereignty negates human freedom, or that human freedom overrides divine sovereignty. So which is it, Is God or man sovereign? Dr. Sproul and Dr. John Gerstner have a mock debate over this, in this message entitled “Is God or Man Sovereign?” View Resource

  • Is the Bible Inspired by God? Media Resource by ,

    How do we know the Bible is the inspired word of God? Is it because the Bible claims to be the Word of God? The Koran and the book of Mormon also make the same claim. What other source can we rely upon to prove the inspiration of the Bible? In this message, Dr. Sproul and Dr. John Gerstner have a mock debate over the question, “Is the Bible Inspired by God?” View Resource

  • Is There a God? Media Resource by ,

    How many times have you heard atheists say that they do not believe in God because they believe in the Big Bang theory? Somewhere in that reasoning are unchallenged assumptions about the matter, or material, that makes up the universe. Is matter eternal like some suppose? Can it produce intelligence? In this mock debate between Dr. Sproul and Dr. John Gerstner, they look at the question, “Is There a God?” View Resource