• God’s Providence: A Two-Edged Sword (Part 3) Article by John Gerstner

    Positive Providence When considering the definition of negative providence, we used Ed Wynn’s comic parody of the poet. Now, considering positive providence, we consider the poet himself: There is a destiny which shapes our ends, Rough hew them though we may. The “rough hew” needs explanation. If the poet means “sin as we please,” if he suggests that a positive providence comes about irrespective of our behavior, if things are going to work out well although we always behave badly—then he errs in the opposite direction. Just as there is no destiny that shapes our ends rough, hew them how … View Resource

  • True & False Assurance Article by John Gerstner

    Probably Romans 8:16 is the greatest assurance text in the entire Bible. It is appealed to by Reformed and Arminian evangelicals alike, though they have conflicting ideas of assurance. Romans 8:16 reads, “The Spirit Himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.” Arminians say this means that true Christians do have true assurance of a present, but, losable salvation. The Reformed view says that what the Holy Spirit and the Christian’s spirit testify to is a present assurance of unlosable eternal life. One of these views certainly is false and one may be true. The text, itself, on … View Resource