• The End? Finding Hope in the Millennial Maze: 1999 National Conference Conference with Various Teachers

    As the years go by, frenzied excitement abounds in religious circles about the question of whether or not we are living in the last days. Apocalyptic scenarios for the new millennium have even made their way into secular fiction, movies, and television. Some of the confusion is understandable. Prophetic passages in Scripture are notoriously difficult to interpret and understand. The widespread misunderstanding of these passages has led to unbridled speculation and predictions about the details and dates surrounding the last days. Equipping ourselves with some reliable tools for understanding the biblical account of the end times can give … View Resource

  • The Sovereignty of God: 1996 National Conference Conference with Various Teachers

    Who’s in charge, man or God? From the beginning, people have wrongly answered life’s crucial question. Homo mensura, we have proudly declared. Man, not God, is the measure of all things. The Bible disagrees. According to the Scriptures, God is in charge of every aspect of His creation. Ligonier Ministries’ 1996 National Conference, “The Sovereignty of God,” explores God’s absolute and benevolent rule and how to apply it to your world. Eric Alexander, Jerry Bridges, W. Robert Godfrey, D. James Kennedy, Al Martin, and R.C. Sproul probe the doctrine of God’s sovereignty — and our responsibility to Him who upholds … View Resource