• The Trek to the Palace Media Resource by

    Though no two Christians have identical spiritual biographies, there are often points of similarity in the stories and experiences of believers. As Christiana, Mercy, and the children follow the same route that Christian walked earlier, they continue to encounter many of the same people and landmarks on their way to the Palace Beautiful. By describing numerous changes and developments that have taken place since Christian’s journey, Bunyan conveys important insights about the life of a pilgrim. View Resource

  • Foes & Friends: The Road to Interpreter’s House Media Resource by

    Some dangers in life are apparent, and others are not. As Christiana and her companions approached the wicket gate, they encountered unexpected opposition from the forces of darkness. In all ages, pilgrims need to remain vigilant and sober-minded even when things seem to be going well. Like Christiana, believers today benefit from the lessons and warnings that are found in the interpreter’s house. View Resource

  • A New Journey Begins Media Resource by

    After a follower of Jesus has departed from this life, God may continue to use his or her influence to change the lives of others. Even those whose hearts were once hardened against the gospel can later be softened by the memory of a believer’s testimony and the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit. In this message, we will turn our attention to the wife and children that Christian left behind when he began his pilgrimage to the Celestial City. Though they were once hostile to Christian’s faith, their attitudes have changed since his departure. View Resource

  • The Celestial City Media Resource by

    Eventually, each Christian’s pilgrimage in this world will come to an end. As Christian and Hopeful discover, the end of the journey brings with it a variety of emotions and experiences. Just as each believer’s life is different, so also each Christian’s departure from this life is different. Yet, the anticipation of the Celestial City is something that all true pilgrims can share, as fear of death gives way to the joy of entering the King’s presence. View Resource

  • The Delectable Mountains Media Resource by

    Though God’s people are often called to walk difficult paths, God is faithful to supply moments of rest in order to strengthen and sustain His pilgrims. After enduring numerous hardships and trials, Christian and Hopeful at last arrive in the Delectable Mountains, a place of safety and spiritual refreshment. As they prepare for the final phase of their journey, the shepherds of the mountains equip the pilgrims with both encouragement and clear warnings of the dangers that still confront them. View Resource

  • The Castle of Giant Despair Media Resource by

    The pilgrimage of the Christian life carries the believer through all types of terrain. After escaping from persecution at Vanity Fair, Christian journeyed onward, sharing the joys and difficulties of the road with Hopeful, a new fellow pilgrim. Choosing to depart from the king’s highway in order to follow an easier path, the travellers soon found themselves imprisoned in Doubting Castle, in what constitutes one of the most dark and profound scenes in Pilgrim’s Progress. View Resource

  • The Godless City: Vanity Fair Media Resource by

    Christian has withstood spiritual warfare against the foul Apollyon, and he has safely traversed the Valley of the Shadow of Death. While the dangers behind him were apparent, some dangers are less obvious. Though Vanity Fair may not be known for dark shadows or vicious beasts, its seductive temptations and violent opposition to the king will make it one of the most perilous places that Christian has visited in his travels. View Resource

  • The Valley of the Shadow of Death Media Resource by

    After Christian left the Valley of Humiliation, his path led him to an even darker and more foreboding place. This is often the case in the Christian life, as one period of difficulty may follow another. In these times, Christians can be particularly vulnerable to temptation, discouragement, and spiritual desolation. Yet, God will not desert His people in the valley. As Christian learned, God’s faithfulness often is revealed most poignantly in the midst of doubt and hardship. View Resource

  • The Valley of Humiliation Media Resource by

    In the wake of Satan’s rebellious struggle against God’s rule, Christians do not remain neutral. As soon as a person is united by faith to Jesus Christ, he or she has become a potential target of the Enemy’s spiritual attacks. At times these attacks can be direct and apparent, and sometimes they are carried out through subtlety and trickery. By being firmly grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ and by putting on the full armor of God, Christians can be armed and equipped to withstand the Devil’s onslaughts. View Resource

  • The Hill Difficulty Media Resource by

    Though the Christian journey often contains unique moments of joy and closeness to God, day to day life can challenge a believer’s zeal, joy, and sense of purpose. After his powerful arrival at the cross, Christian’s journey brings him into contact with people who do not share the same gospel-centered focus that he has. As we turn our attention to this phase in Christian’s pilgrimage, we will take note of several dangers and pitfalls that threaten to undermine believers in their spiritual journey. View Resource

  • The Cross & the Sepulcher Media Resource by

    Many people who have embraced Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord continue to question whether or not they are truly saved. Sometimes this struggle is rooted in intellectual uncertainties. Others may wrestle with their salvation due to the enemy’s spiritual attacks or the continued presence of certain sins in their lives. Like many other believers, Christian has continued to be burdened by conviction of his sin. In this message, Dr. Thomas will describe Christian’s process of arriving at assurance and examine why it is that Christians can rest upon the saving work of Jesus Christ. View Resource

  • The Interpreter’s House Media Resource by

    Luke 14

    When a person has been awakened to his or her need for a savior, that person also needs to learn about the fundamental realities of the gospel and the Christian life. As Jesus cautioned in Luke 14:27-33, those who decide to follow Him must carefully count the cost of discipleship. Sadly, many professing Christians do not count this cost, and in time they abandon their pilgrimage. In this message, we will join Christian as he learns important lessons about the perils and rewards of a pilgrim’s journey. View Resource

  • The Wicket Gate Media Resource by

    When a person becomes aware of his or her sinfulness and need for a savior, he or she may experience a sudden and dramatic spiritual rebirth. Many Christians today and throughout church history have attested to their lives being instantly transformed through an encounter with Jesus Christ. For others, conversion can be a lengthy process, through which Christ gradually draws a sinner to Himself. Such was John Bunyan’s experience, and such is the experience of Christian in Pilgrim’s Progress. In this message, we will witness firsthand the dangers and challenges that Christian faces as he treads the path from conviction … View Resource

  • The City of Destruction Media Resource by

    John Bunyan’s timeless work Pilgrim’s Progress powerfully expresses the truth that the present life is a spiritual journey. When Jesus Christ liberates a sinner from the power of sin, He also extends an invitation to a lifetime of discipleship. As we shall see, the path of the Christian life is riddled with many trials, dangers, and obstacles. Yet, the journey to the Celestial City is also laden with displays of God’s grace and faithfulness. As we begin our study of Bunyan’s masterpiece, Dr. Derek Thomas will direct our attention to the City of Destruction, the starting point for Christian’s spiritual … View Resource

  • The Palace Beautiful Media Resource by

    Matthew 16

    Amidst the challenges and difficulties of the Christian journey, it is important to remember that we are not solitary travelers. After Christian experienced setbacks on the hill Difficulty, his road led him to a place where he found rest, refreshment, and the encouragement of spiritual community. In this message, Dr. Thomas will explain what this segment of Christian’s journey can teach us about the church of Jesus Christ and its importance in the lives of God’s people. View Resource