• Questions & Answers with Duncan, Ferguson, Nichols, and Thomas Media Resource by , , ,

    A questions and answers session with Drs. Ligon Duncan, Sinclair Ferguson, Stephen Nichols, and Derek Thomas. Questions: Regarding God’s aseity, can one say that the Father depends on the Son and vice versa, since they are eternally inseparable? (00:37) Is God the Son eternally the God-man? How does this square with the immutability of God? (04:40) Hypothetically could God have found another way to redeem man than Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross? What would not occur if He did? (5:54) After death, does everyone go immediately to be with Christ? If so, can those in the presence of Christ … View Resource

  • No Expense Spared Media Resource by

    Romans 8:31-32

    Nowhere in Scripture is the extravagant love of God for sinners more clearly expressed than in the final section of Romans 8. Romans 8:31–32 vividly describes God’s resolute commitment to bring Christians all the way to glory. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas demonstrates that the foundation of this commitment ultimately rests in what God has already done for us in Christ. Because the Father gave His only Son, we can rest in the confidence that no obstacle can hinder us from experiencing the vast riches of His grace and mercy. View Resource

  • No Separation Media Resource by

    Romans 8:35-39

    Paul’s words at the end of Romans 8 reverberate with unshaken confidence in the faithfulness and power of God to finish the work He started in the lives of His people. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas surveys some of the most majestic and beloved words in all of Scripture, as we celebrate a promise that has been a source of hope and strength to countless generations of believers—the promise that nothing can ever separate us from the love of God in Christ. View Resource

  • Silencing the Accuser Media Resource by

    Romans 8:33-34

    Throughout our Christian lives, we can expect Satan to hurl all manner of accusations against us in an effort to discourage and rob us of our joy in the Lord and hinder our growth in grace. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas reminds us that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings us all the way home despite the accusations of the devil. Because of the finished work and ongoing ministry of Jesus Christ, no accusation against us will ever stand. View Resource

  • The Golden Chain Media Resource by

    Romans 8:29-30

    Having described God’s loving act of working for our good in all things in Romans 8:28, Paul goes on to describe God’s work in bringing us to saving faith and into His glorious presence. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas explores the beauty and majesty of Romans 8:29–30, the unbreakable sequence commonly known as the golden chain of salvation. It is a source of tremendous hope and encouragement for Christians at any stage in their life with Christ. View Resource

  • Hope in the Midst of Futility Media Resource by

    Romans 8:18-25

    As a result of human sin, we experience brokenness and futility in all areas of life. The world in which we live retains much of its original majesty, but it is also in a state of groaning until the day when Christ will make all things new. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas discusses the profound effects of the fall on the world and describes the glorious hope we have in Christ of a world made new. View Resource

  • The Indwelling of the Spirit Media Resource by

    Romans 8:8-11

    One of the greatest treasures of the gospel is the reality that the Spirit of God dwells in believers. This simple but profound truth can change every part of our lives. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas describes what it means to have the Spirit dwelling within, and he invites believers to revel in the glorious hope of the future that the Holy Spirit offers us. View Resource

  • A New Mind-Set Media Resource by

    Romans 8:5-7

    Romans 8 draws a stark contrast between the attitudes and lifestyles of people who are spiritually dead and those of people who are spiritually alive. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas will discuss what it means to be alive spiritually and will describe the ripple effect of this supernatural life in the lives of believers. View Resource

  • Praying with the Spirit Media Resource by

    Romans 8:26-27

    Many Christians are dissatisfied with their prayer lives. Despite our best intentions, prayer can be awkward and, at times, difficult. We may struggle to focus, find the right words, or develop consistent habits. Fortunately, Romans 8 offers us hope and encouragement. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas describes how the Holy Spirit graciously and patiently prays with and for us, so that our prayers ascend to God’s throne room with beauty and power. View Resource

  • Putting Sin to Death Media Resource by

    Romans 8:12-13

    Even after being clothed in the perfect righteousness of Christ, we continue to wrestle with sin. Although our sinful record has been removed, our sinful nature remains. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas introduces the reality of indwelling sin and encourages us with the truth that the indwelling Spirit enables us to put it to death. View Resource

  • The Spirit of Adoption Media Resource by

    Romans 8:14-17

    The eighth chapter of Paul’s letter to the Romans outlines a robust theology of the person and work of the Holy Spirit. In previous lessons, we have already discussed the Holy Spirit’s work in uniting believers to Christ, setting them free from the power of sin, and aiding them in the struggle against indwelling sin. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas describes the Holy Spirit’s vital work in our adoption into God’s family. View Resource

  • The Ultimate Promise Media Resource by

    Romans 8:28

    Romans 8:28 is one of the most famous and most frequently quoted verses in the entire Bible. The promise that God is at work for our good has provided a foundation of hope for Christians in the most trying of circumstances. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas will explore this well-loved verse and invite Christians of all walks of life to revel in the hope that it offers. View Resource

  • No Condemnation Media Resource by

    Romans 8:1-4

    In contemporary Western culture, it has become commonplace to think of Christianity as restrictive, harsh, or judgmental in nature. Those who believe this have sadly misunderstood the central theme of the Christian faith: the forgiveness of sins as freely offered to sinners because of what Jesus Christ has accomplished. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas explores one of the pivotal motifs of Romans 8, the reality that there is no condemnation for sinners who place their hope in Jesus Christ. View Resource

  • Questions and Answers with Ferguson, Lawson, Reeves, and Thomas Media Resource by , , ,

    A questions and answers session with Drs. Sinclair Ferguson, Steven Lawson, Michael Reeves, and Derek Thomas. Questions: Is there a difference between regeneration and being born again? (4:07) Since Jesus is God, how can He experience separation from God on the cross? (5:31) Were the Apostles converted before the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost? Referring to the eleven disciples. Not Judas. (9:11) Do you agree that God hates sin, but loves the sinner? Why or why not? (13:50) What is the difference between expiation and propitiation? (21:04) I have a Muslim friend who absolutely loves the parable of the … View Resource

  • Before Light, Darkness Media Resource by

    Isaiah 59:14-60:3

    The Protestant Reformation was a response to corruption and false doctrine, but it was not the first attempt to reform the church. In this session, Dr. Derek Thomas introduces us to forerunners of the Reformation such as John Wycliffe and Jan Hus. View Resource