• Entering Adulthood Article by Derek Halvorson

    FROM TABLETALK | June 2017

    The college years are a critical season in young people’s lives. For most, it’s the first time they are really out from underneath mom and dad’s roof, and thus the first time they confront the issues and pressures that come with adult life. It’s a time when they often grapple with philosophical questions about life, such as who they are, what they value, what they want to pursue in life, and what kind of person they want to be. It is an exciting time when they can explore new interests, learn about fresh possibilities, develop a vision for their future, … View Resource

  • Cultivating Virtue in Pursuit of Knowledge Article by Derek Halvorson

    FROM TABLETALK | May 2016

    Scripture calls us to give our whole selves as living sacrifices to God (Rom. 12:1–2). Unfortunately, we are often tempted to go about that work such that our lives resemble groups of silos. We envision our lives divided neatly into aspects that have little or no bearing on one another. One such division that is particularly common is the perceived divide between moral and intellectual development. We too frequently view the cultivation of virtue and the pursuit of knowledge as separate tasks—at worst, at odds with one another; at best, simply unrelated to one another; but certainly not interconnected and … View Resource