• Persecution around the World Article by Dave Furman

    FROM TABLETALK | August 2015

    Bashir (not his real name) frequented our church gatherings when he was in town. He is a good friend of some of our members, and his faith is a constant encouragement to me. The day after Christmas in 2010, everything changed for Bashir when the police dragged him and sixty other Christians out of their homes. Husbands and wives were separated; moms from their nursing babies. Our church helped Bashir’s wife and two children flee their country as refugees, but Bashir is still in prison. According to the latest court ruling, he will remain in jail until the end of … View Resource

  • The Same Gospel Article by Dave Furman

    FROM TABLETALK | May 2015

    Two years ago on Christmas eve, Martin and Maria (not their real names), along with their two young children, came to our worship gathering. For this family, from a “least-reached nation” in the East, it was the first time they had ever stepped foot into a gathering of Christians. Martin and Maria thought they were merely accepting an invitation to show interest in their friends, but what happened that night would change their lives forever. The order of service wasn’t fancy—there was singing, reading God’s Word, and a sermon. During the presentation of the gospel, both Martin and Maria felt, … View Resource

  • No Greater Gospel: An Interview with Dave Furman Article by Dave Furman

    FROM TABLETALK | July 2014 | Romans 1:16

    Tabletalk: How did Redeemer Church of Dubai begin? Dave Furman: We spent our seminary years traveling around the world engaging in various ministries. Uncertain of where we wanted to serve after graduation, the only thing we knew was that we wanted to live among the unreached. Through much prayer and conversation, we became aware of a lack of gospel-preaching churches in the Arabian Peninsula and began to prepare for service here. My wife and I sold our car, packed our bags, and sent our books ahead of us on a ship. Then we hopped on a plane with our … View Resource

  • The Gospel in a Hostile Culture Article by Dave Furman

    FROM TABLETALK | July 2013

    I intentionally don’t preach difficult truths or repeat the hard things Jesus said.” This is a despondent and prevalent attitude among preachers who minister to cultures that are openly hostile to the gospel. Such preaching is less than faithful to God’s Word, corresponding in ministry results that tend to be indiscernibly Christian. The desire to not offend hearers in a hostile culture is misdirected toward God’s inspired word and His glorious gospel. As a pastor who ministers in a hostile culture, I am convinced that preaching must boldly proclaim the one-and-only gospel and theologically rich doctrine. PREACH THE ONE-AND-ONLY GOSPEL … View Resource