• Where the Worm Does Not Die

    Mark 9:42-50

    Let’s turn our attention now to the Gospel According to Saint Mark. This morning’s lesson is in Mark 9:42–50, and I’d ask the congregation to stand for the reading of the Word of God. “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it … Listen

  • Who Are My Brothers

    Matthew 12:43-50


  • Who Are You?

    John 1:19-28

    In this section is the introduction of John the Baptist. Dr. Sproul discusses John’s application of a ritual cleansing called baptism. Dr. Sproul then goes on to explain the type of back to some and its relationship to the various Levitical washings. The priests and Levites assumed that John was … Listen

  • Who Is the Greatest?

    Mark 9:30-41

    We’re turning our attention again to the 9th chapter of the Gospel According to Saint Mark, and I’ll be reading from verse 30 through verse 41. I’ll ask the congregation to stand for the reading of the Word of God. Then they departed from there and passed through Galilee, … Listen

  • Who Is This Man?

    John 7:32-8:1

    At the start of this section the priests send officers to arrest Jesus for a trial. Jesus responds cryptically of where He goes, but then the scene jumps to the last day of the feast where Jesus spoke to the masses of an offer of “living water.” Dr. Sproul then … Listen

  • The Widow’s Son

    Luke 7:11-17


  • Witnesses to Christ

    John 5:31-47

    Dr. Sproul starts this section with a discussion about what constitutes a credible witness. Jesus points first to John the Baptist as His first witness. He cites His miracles as His second witness and His Father as the third. Jesus next uses the scriptures as His fourth witness. Listen

  • The Woes of Jesus

    Matthew 11:20-24


  • Woes to Hypocrites

    Luke 11: 37-53


  • Woes to the Pharisees, Part 1

    Matthew 23:1-12


  • Woes to the Pharisees, Part 2

    Matthew 23:13-24


  • Woes to the Pharisees, Part 3

    Matthew 23:25-28


  • The Woman at the Well (Part 1)

    John 4:1-15

    Dr. Sproul investigates Jesus meeting with a Samaritan woman at noontime coming to get water in the heat of the day. Normally this would be done in the morning or evening so this act sets her apart. Dr. Sproul discusses the water that Jesus will give and closes with her … Listen

  • The Woman at the Well (Part 2)

    John 4:16-42

    Jesus changes the topic with the woman at the well to her “husband” and Jesus’ knowledge of her relationships and leads into a discussion about worship with Jesus. Dr. Sproul considers the implication of how we are to worship and the principles God expects us to follow. The section concludes … Listen

  • The Woman Caught in Adultery

    John 8:2-11

    Dr. Sproul discusses this section of scripture since its validity has been questioned. He discusses textual criticism and how it is applied to the text. Dr. Sproul then proceeds to review the story of the woman caught in adultery. When Jesus was challenged with this issue, Dr Sproul points out … Listen