• Augustine Devotional

    Romans 13:13–14

    Augustine said, “Oh Lord, thou hast made us for thyself and our hearts are restless until they rest in thee.” Augustine’s life is a good example of the truth of this statement. Only Jesus can give us rest. If you are a Christian, thank Him for the rest He brings us. If you are not a believer, trust in Jesus so that you may enter His rest. View Resource

  • The Centrality of Love Devotional

    Romans 13:8–10

    Many people find it hard to conceive of love and the law as going hand in hand. That, however, is a reflection of our fallenness and not the teaching of Scripture. We do not belong to God unless we love our neighbor, and we cannot love our neighbor without knowing and doing God’s law. Let us seek always to use God’s law to determine how to love God and others (1 John 3:10). View Resource

  • The Christian and the Government Devotional

    Romans 13:1-2

    Dr. Sproul has noted that although we may easily grasp the principle that we must obey the state unless it commands us to do something God forbids or forbids us from doing something God commands, applying it correctly is not always so easy. However, we can say that our general approach should be to go out of our way to obey the law of the state. At times, we may have to disobey the state in order to obey the Lord, but those occasions should be relatively rare. View Resource

  • Civil Government Devotional

    Romans 13:1–3

    In the face of evil government, Christians can hide from view and keep out of the way as much as possible. Though many formerly enslaved nations have been set free in recent years, there are still Christians who live in fear in places like Cuba, China, and Vietnam. Pray for these brothers and sisters in Christ today. View Resource

  • Civil Obedience Devotional

    Romans 13:1–2

    It is easy to obey God’s command to submit to our earthly rulers when they rule wisely. It is much harder, on the other hand, to submit when we think our rulers are corrupt. The Lord often calls us to do hard things, however, and this includes obeying the rulers with whom we disagree. They are not to be followed absolutely, that is, we cannot justify sin by saying “the government told me to do it.” But the civil magistrate is to receive our deference and honor. View Resource

  • Civil Obedience Devotional

    Romans 13:1–2

    Some of the laws and regulations in your country today may seem unnecessary. Nevertheless, in obedience to Scripture we must obey even these unless they lead us to sin. We should not be known as those who try to find ways around the laws of the land; rather, our scrupulous obedience should be a model for the unbelievers around us. We must never give the ruling authorities just cause to view us as a lawless people. View Resource

  • Established by God Devotional

    Romans 13:1b

    As we will see, God’s authority supersedes the authority of the civil government, so we must have a nuanced view of civil obedience and disobedience. Still, that the Lord establishes civil governments reveals that government is not evil in itself. Evil governments may appear at times, but the general existence of authorities to preserve law and order is a good thing. Let us thank God for the gift of government, which protects us from civil anarchy. View Resource

  • Fulfiling the Law Devotional

    Romans 13:8–10

    Matthew Henry comments on love, saying “more is implied than is expressed; it not only does no harm, but it does all the good that may be.” The kind of love that fulfills the Law is active and not just reactive; it looks for ways to do good to people before they have need. Take a moment today to consider your coworkers or other friends and family members. What can you do to show love to them in a concrete way this day (for example, 1 John 3:17)? View Resource

  • Fulfilling the Law Devotional

    Romans 13:10

    Augustine of Hippo writes, “The rule of love is that one should wish his friend to have all the good things he wants to have himself and should not wish the evils to befall his friend which he wishes to avoid himself.” Doing no wrong to neighbor is more than just refraining from harm; it consists in working for the good of others, in doing for them that which we would want them to do for us (Matt. 7:12). Only God’s Spirit can generate such love in us. View Resource

  • God’s Servant for Our Good Devotional

    Romans 13:3-4a

    Not until eternity will perfect justice be dispensed on earth. According to His own wise counsel, the Lord has determined that all of the unrighteous will receive their just deserts at the resurrection of the dead. Until then, however, He works through the imperfect means of secular authorities to keep society safe and to protect His people from harm. May we be encouraged not to show antagonism toward the state but rather humble submission when it does things right. View Resource

  • The Government and the Sword Devotional

    Romans 13:4b

    There is a division of labor between the state and the church. The state punishes evildoers with the sword, and the church preaches the gospel. The state may not do the church’s job, and the church may not do the state’s job. However, that does not mean the church may not speak to the state. In fact, the church is to be the conscience of the state, calling it to do its job of protecting human life and punishing criminals. View Resource

  • Living in the Light of Day Devotional

    Romans 13:12-14

    Jerome, one of the most important biblical scholars of the ancient church, comments on today’s passage that we are to “live our lives in the same way now as we are going to live in the day, that is, in the future world.” Our lives should not mirror those who have no hope and are trapped in the darkness; rather, we are to live as citizens of the kingdom to which we belong, the kingdom of light for which the Lord is preparing us by His Holy Spirit. View Resource

  • Obedience to Civil Authorities Devotional

    Romans 13:1–7

    Civil authorities do not have to be perfect or even Christian for us to obey them. We are to obey even the mandates we consider silly or onerous if doing so does not require us to break God’s law. In rendering such obedience, we bear witness to the final authority of the Lord, for bowing to His authority means submitting to the civil government. View Resource

  • Paying Our Taxes Devotional

    Romans 13:6-7

    God calls us to pay taxes, not to approve of everything our tax money pays for. In Paul’s day, tax money was used to pay the salaries of soldiers and other officials who persecuted Christians and committed other evils. Nevertheless, Paul told the church at Rome to pay its taxes anyway. Paying our taxes is not a sign that we endorse everything the government does with our money; rather, it is one way we fulfill God’s command to submit to the state. View Resource

  • Salvation Draws Near Devotional

    Romans 13:11

    God always finishes the work that He starts, and if we are in Christ now, our future glorification is assured. This helps us put our confidence in the right place. Because the Lord has us in His hand, we can trust that He will work out all His purposes for us. When we grow discouraged with the lack of holiness in our lives, we must remember that God is working in us, that He will finish what He started, and that if we seek His face, we will enjoy all the benefits of His redemption. View Resource